Simba Sleep Mattress Reviews (2020) – Don’t Get Scammed

Is a Simba Sleep mattress worth buying? If you’re like me, your head is probably spinning from all the lingo and buzzwords.

All you want to know is if the Simba is any good – or is it worth opting for something like the Emma mattress instead?

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As Simba Sleep are fully online, it’s hard to know if their mattress will suit your needs. That’s partly why they offer a 200 day free trial – recently extended from 100 days – so that if you are in any doubt, you should in theory be able to send your mattress back no questions asked.

Unfortunately, there are some articles and comments online such as this Guardian article, that suggests that it’s not always quite as easy as Simba make out. Their returns process isn’t exactly straight-forward – you have to first have an independent inspection if there is anything wrong with your mattress to ascertain why, before anything else. In other words if there’s a fault, Simba want to inspect it first.


Introduction to Simba Hybrid

Unlike some other brands, Simba actually offer a Hybrid mattress by default and not as an additional (pricey) add-on. That means, it’s a mixture of memory foam and spring (pocket sprung) and is meant to give the benefits of both, without the drawbacks.

Their blurb describes them like this:

The Air Cool Hybrid® mattresses from Simba provide the comfort of reflex foam alongside the support of pocket springs. Designed and made in the UK, five innovative layers work together to support all sleeper types and comfort your body while keeping you cool throughout the night. There are 2,500 springs in the king size model.

Air Cool cover
Made from durable and hypoallergenic polyester, the mattress cover is designed with air vents that allow latent hot air amongst the fillings to escape. This maintains an effective flow of air while you sleep, so you feel comfortable and not too hot or cold.


But what does all this actually mean?

Firstly you may wish to read my article on memory foam and what it is (and isn’t).

I have also created an article explaining further what a hybrid mattress is – in case you want to go into some depth there.

But in a nutshell: Simba Hybrid is just a cross between two mattress types. Formerly pocket sprung were the only type of mattress you could buy; nowadays the market is huge and includes a lot of memory foam mattresses. These are the type of foam that remembers your body shape and wraps around your contours.

The reason there are so many of these mattress companies all of a sudden is because the Tempur patent expired, and now memory foam is available for mattresses at much lower costs than before. So it’s highly competitive!


Simba Mattress – FAQs

Are Simba mattresses soft? What is the firmness?


It’s easier to explain if we go through each of the 5 layers. Unlike most mattresses that have 4 layers, Simba have the extra “Hybrid” layer (the blue one) that, they claim, makes all the difference.

Here is each layer in detail:

  1. Layer 1: Simba’s cover layer is made with hypoallergenic air flow in mind. It is made of a synthetic blend and breathes easy.
  2. Layer 2: Open-cell foam is the first comfort layer that is more responsive than memory foam while still dissolving away pressure point pain.
  3. Layer 3: 2,500 conical pocket springs adjust to your spine and sleeping position and adapt seamlessly so you won’t disturb your partner.
  4. Layer 4: A high definition foam layer offers a transitional supportive layer, focusing on edge support and subtle pressure relief.
  5. Layer 5: The foundational base foam has zones to support the spine in an ergonomic way. These zones also help air movement to keep things cool.



Is the 200 night trial a scam?

Simba claim that they’re confident you’ll feel the difference with your Simba mattress after one night. But just in case, they havve given you a few more nights to sleep on it, so to speak… Originally offering 100 nights, after the competition switched to 200, they now offer that too.

Note that some companies even offer a 365 night mattress trial.

1. Place your order Simba mattress order. Your trial starts when your mattress arrives – even if you’ve asked for a delayed delivery.

2. Enjoy a superior night’s sleep on our innovative technology. (And repeat.)

3. Keep enjoying great sleep, and tell your friends. Or, if for any reason it’s not quite working out for you, just contact us and we’ll arrange a pick up and a full refund.


Note that, despite what some may think, if a customer returns a mattress to Simba, they do not just send it to another customer. In fact, they will instead recycle it and hand it to a charity, or in some cases ship it overseas for recycling.

Simba Reviews 2020

Here is a collection of reviews and opinions we have collected for you, from websites like Trustpilot and

I’ve been late for work twice as it’s almost too comfy. Great bed!

Fabulous Chrissie D.

Bought Simba for my daughter who has longstanding back pain from 2 fractured lumbar vertebrae 2 years ago. Now I am not suggesting that this will cure her pain but she is now sleeping much more comfortably which is improving her quality of sleep. Less pain in the morning too! Wish we’d bought this 2 years ago. Worth every single penny, in fact would pay more!!!

Simba mattress Donna C.

Had my sim a mattress for a few weeks now and have not looked back . So comfortable slept through every night without a stir. Find it hard to drag myself out of bed in the morning , so comfy . Have recommended it to all my friends.

Amazing mattress Melanie E.

Extremely comfortable and sturdier than I thought. Since I have had Simba mattress I have been sleeping soundly. My disturbed sleep on the old mattress is a thing of the past. Backache has disappeared. Thank you Svimba mattress.

Our old mattress was past its sell by date and after lots of research we decided on Simba. Best choice ever! It’s so comfy and I am waking up in the morning with no pain in my back now. I recommend Simba to anyone.

What’s not to like? This is the best mattress we have ever had. We both suffer from backache and the mattress has helped without a doubt. OK, you don’t know what you are getting but reading the reviews and with 100 days to make sure it’s right for you……… You can’t go wrong!

Take a bit of getting used to Claire B.

Only had it for 2 weeks and I think i like it but still not sure. Have been sleeping well but does take some getting used to if you used a spring mattress before. Still a lot more time to be convinced, it’s looking good so far

After having issues with sleeping and back pain my partner and I decided to go for a simba;! Delivery was hassle free, and unpacking the Simba couldn’t have been easier, the mattress is nice and firm but with a soft top so although it’s firm it’s soft at the same time, best night’s sleep with minimal back issues a++

New mattress bliss Heather L.

After suffering for a long time with back pain and trying physio and medication , thought the next step would be changing the mattress. My old one was only 4 yrs old but as the Simba was on a 100 day trial thought worth a try. I received it two weeks ago and so far so good . I am sleeping better , less stiff in the morning and no aching back . Pretty amazed . I still have another two months trial period to decide , but looking good. To add to this review found the ordering process simple , e-mail confirmation speedy and delivery within 5days . Delivery guys friendly and nothing a problem . Thumbs up so far

Best sleep ever Janet B.

Simba mattress is the best thing ever, so so comfortable, cool. If your going to buy a new mattress make sure it’s a simba. Best thing ever .

fluffy white cloud MARIEL C.

I have to say from day one my Simba matress has been an absolute Godsend – it’s like sleeping on a fluffy white cloud. 5 years on i still have the same mattress and nothing gets between me and my Simba – it’s a simple as that. I can’t wait to try out the rest of the Simba products, particularly the duvet and pillows. SIMBA FOREVER.

Honestly Laura G.

At first I had mixed feelings about the simba mattress . I really couldn’t make my mind up if I liked it or not. I couldn’t form an opinion straight away I had to give it time. Now I absolutely love my simba mattress it is extremely comfortable can feel support all over the body and the best part is I am not in as much pain as I was before this is definitely a bed that is helping manage the pain symptoms of my multiple sclerosis. I would say it can take maybe 2 weeks or more to decide if the bed is for you and to ensure you are completely happy is to give it some time. Also I purchased the pillows I took some Nano tubes out after 2 days of trying the pillow and now they are fantastic I only need the 1 simba pillow. If you do get the pillows also try taking some Nano tubes out and try for a few days before taking more out or adding back in. The quilt looks very thin when you first take it out of the box this is a great example of don’t judge until you try.. The quilt is amazing really holds in warmth and hugs your body. Sometimes it can get a little too hot, but sticking a leg out from under the quilt cool’ s you down straight away and you continue to have a lovely night sleep. Overall this bed it great and I am so glad I have a simba. Thankyou simba you have made a truly wonderful bed.

Super Comfy Marcus G.

I was a bit unsure about ordering a mattress online and not at least lying on it in a shop to get a sense of how it might feel. I was reassured though by the returns policy, so gave it a shot. I don’t regret the decision one bit. The difference from my old mattress was instantly noticeable. All the niggles I had been waking up with have gone. The Simba simple gives me the comfy and restful nights sleep I need. I’d recommend the Simba to anyone looking to get a more comfy sleep.

Love it! Best Mattress ever Michael L.

Lovely Mattress that keeps me cool and supported. Downside is it makes it difficult to get out of bed in the morning 🙂

Great mattress Natalie W.

Did a lot of research when looking for a “Matress in a box”. I was bombard with add from all the brands and managed to test several in stores before I settled on Simba. What edged it for me was the fact it was hybrid. The memory foam gives a great layer of comfort while the layer of springs adds a extra level of support I felt similar memory foam mattresses didn’t offer. It’s week 4 on the matress for my partner and I and she’s as happy as I am. Obviously interested to see how it plays our over time but I would 100% recommended Simba.

Mattress Lee N.

I was initial surprised at how small it was when it arrived but once opened and expanded it came to life! As mentioned in a few reviews it did smell of chemicals but this did fade quickly. It took a few nights of sleeping on it to get used to it but now I wouldn’t be without it. I have slept on an ordinary spring matress since owning my simba and it’s horrible in comparison. Simba for the win I say!!!

Sleep at last Dawn T.

After years off tossing and turning and suffering with epilepsy which lack of sleep triggers seizures and also waking with pain in my neck and my partner with pain in his back we were a little sceptical that after all the mattresses we had tried simba would be any different. Well I let the simba rest all day and went up and made it about an hour before bed I was surprised at the quality and the look of the simba. My partner works out of the country and was away at the time and asked me to let him know if the simba did actually make any difference even after just one night. I woke the following morning realising I had not had a nocturnal seizure my neck didn’t hurt and I actually felt refreshed I felt like I had slept. My partner rang that day and I told him the simba has made a difference even after one night he was still very sceptical and said he would decide when he arrived home in two days. Well to get to the point my partner now hates having to leave home for work yes he travels the world stays in beautiful places and beautiful hotels as part of a motor sport racing team but nothing beats the sleep he gets on his simba mattress. The simba mattress is the best investment we made

Perfection Cathy W.

Having tried 4 different mattresses over the last few years, spent lots of money, I have finally found the ultimate one. Helps me to sleep better cooler relaxed no neck & back pain, what more could I ask for. Thank you Simba.

Efficient Service Poppy N.

I found the ordering and arranging of delivery to be very good and a quick process. Delivery was as promised, although they were a little early and only gave me 5 minutes warning that they were on their way instead of 30-60 min warning so I had to rush home. Old mattress taken away and they carried my Simba upstairs as it was too heavy to manage on my own. The mattress is still taking some getting used to and I haven’t quite settled with it yet, I am hoping it will help my back issues but feel reassured that I have 100 nights and can return it if isn’t right.

Brilliant delivery service, came the day and time I was told. The mattress is wonderful, I have lower back problems and have always woken up through out the night in a lot of pain and struggled to straighten up in the morning, until now, my back is incredibly supported and I’ve never experienced such a comfortable nights sleep.

The best nights (plural intended) sleep in years Zena A.

I have been reluctant to spend more than £200 on a mattress until now. My mattress was around the magic 8 years old that the TV ads for other bed companies are saying is time to replace. Some recent good fortune meant I could shop around. I looked in a few different options but the hybrid beds seemed to be coming up with the best reviews. As a regular hotel stayed for work I wanted that quality at home. Firm enough to be supportive, not wobble or squeak, but soft enough to be comfortable and not too warm. The reviews said this mattress did all those things. I sleep on my front, and I was waking up with back ache every day as my bed bowed that much. Ordered online, using the pay monthly interest free option, my only gripe was delivery to north of Scotland was a little slow, but after that initial hiccup I was kept informed and good customer service to resolve the issue quickly. Delivery day, service was great, old mattress wrapped and removed, no wrestling it into the car or queuing at the tip. New mattress, unwrapped, packaging taken away and left to rise. We are 3 nights in and what a difference. Recommended 100%

Best night sleep in years. Andrew P.

Best night sleep in years, first time i have been able to sleep on my back for a whole night without keep fidgeting and tossing and turning.

At last – a full nights sleep Joan D.

For more reviews, check out Trustpilot for Simba.


Are Simba Mattresses suitable for back pain?

Yes. But there may be better mattress for those with back pain.

Generally speaking, the ergonomic design of these Simba mattresses with the micro pocket springs create the best mix between pressure pain relief and deep spine support, which will help most sleepers feel comfortable all through the night.

What else do I need to know?

  • Airflow comfort layer
    Simbatex foam makes up the second layer of this mattress. Developed by Simba, its open-cell structure uses graphite technology to aid air flow through the mattress to tackle overheating and enhance coolness.
  • Pocket spring system
    Produced in a head-to-toe format, cone-shaped pocket springs provide structure and extra support across this mattress. Each spring moves individually, mapping to the shape of your posture to adjust with you as you move through the night. A strengthened border edge also provides good stability when you sit on the edge of your bed.
  • Reflex layer
    The Reflex support layer acts as a springboard to the pocket springs, boosting them to ensure they respond to all sleeper types. It also moulds to your body as you sink into the mattress.
  • Zoned base layer
    The grooved foam base is designed with seven individual zones to ensure that different levels of support are provided.
  • Supplied rolled in a space-saving box
    You’ll receive a straightforward manual to guide you through the set up.

Can I try Simba in store?


Thankfully unlike many other mattress companies, Simba have a deal with John Lewis. This means you can test out the Simba Sleep in-store first to make sure that it is to your tastes. Give it a press, or lay on it, it doesn’t matter…!

This is certainly a big plus for the Simba, compared to other brands, and why we rank them in our best mattress guide here.

The other good thing about this is you get to see more reviews on the Simba mattress, rather than just the ones on Simba’s own website. Personally, I am always a bit suspicious of reviews on the vendor’s own website, but in this case you can see that John Lewis’ reviews are still very good – mostly 5 stars.

However most customers are going to be buying their new mattress online through the Simba store.

If you are one of those people, make sure to check for Simba discounts and vouchers first.


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  1. This mattress is worth it’s weight in gold. I only wish we had bought it years ago. The delivery and set up is almost unbelievable, great for any home especially for up lots of stairs. Hard to believe this compact rolled up mattress becomes what it does. Within minutes of opening it transpires into this large very inviting mattress that is just a dream to rest on & sleep. The only problem I have no is that I cannot wait to get home to have a little rest as it is so inviting! Thank you Simba, worth every penny!!

  2. I suffer with bad back and the simba has made things so much easier for me it’s taken away a lot of stress and tension. Me and my husband look forward to going to bed every night only problem is how do we keep the kids out they love it to.


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