How Our Review Process Works

  • We will never accept money to review a mattress.
  • We will never accept money to improve the review rating of a mattress.
  • We will never accept money to turn a blind eye to an issue or flaw with a mattress.

We do not rehash or share information from other sites or outlets unless they are a primary source which can be fact checked. We perform all our own research and communicate directly with the mattress companies themselves to obtain first-hand information.

All of our research and writing is produced exclusively by our in-house team of sleep tech researchers, whose work is edited and fact-checked by our experts. The reviews and advice you see on the website is the result of their combined efforts.

No conflict of interest

This website is 100% unbiased in that we retain complete editorial control.

There is no pressure from individual stakeholders or shareholders, and though it hopefully goes without saying, we’re not owned by a mattress company.

Funded by our readers

We’re completely funded by you, our readers.

How do we make money?

When you click on an affiliate link on WhatMattress, for example when you click to reveal a discount code, we may receive a commission if you then go on to buy a product from that website. This is known as a ‘referral fee’. Referral fees are only negotiated after we’ve fully conducted our review, meaning that commission amount plays no factor in the process.

We don’t accept money from mattress suppliers to write glowing reviews or to “boost” the placement of a mattress. But if you’re going to buy a mattress, then we hope you’ll buy it using one of our discount codes or via one of our affiliate links – though you don’t have to.

Referral fees do not impact our mattress review ratings. The compensation we receive may, however, influence how, where, and in what order products appear on the site.

Not all of the mattress manufacturers provide us with commission. For example, at the time of writing, John Lewis, Nectar Sleep, Waitrose, Sleepeezee, and several others do not provide us with commission. As you can see, we still list them and their products widely on WhatMattress.

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