Pillow Reviews

Making sure you are buying the right pillow isn’t easy. Even if you search online for reviews (like you’re doing now…!) then you will likely come across a lot of American websites that aren’t relevant to the UK. There’s nothing worse than researching a pillow, finding the perfect one, then discovering that it’s priced in …

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3 of the best bunk beds 2022

By the time you were 10 years old, you had probably already slept on a bunk bed more times than you care to remember. Oh to be a kid again! And if your kids share a bedroom then they may be using a bunk bed right now; indeed as our houses get smaller and smaller …

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Protect your Investment: Best Mattress Protectors

Protect your mattress with a mattress protector

Your mattress is probably one of the top 10 most expensive single items within your home. Not only that, but it is also one of the most frequently used items that you own. In that case, wouldn’t it make sense to look after it and protect it? Many people admit to having the odd cup …

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Best Mattresses for Front Sleepers

Best Mattresses fro Front and Stomach Sleepers

Choosing the best mattress today is not easy. There are a wide variety of different types of mattress, as well as different degrees of firmness. When it comes to buying a mattress, it is all about getting the right level of support for your body. Everyone is different, so everyone will have different requirements. The …

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Top 5 UK Mattress Retailers

Best Mattress Retailers

Mattresses are big business here in the UK, so it’s not surprising that there are many retailers to choose from. Retailers range from the top-tier department stores who only sell their own recommended brands, to massive online retail giants who can offer large ranges and unbeatable prices. Here are the top 5 mattress retailers that …

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Preventing the New Mattress Smell

Sitting at home wondering how on earth to get rid of that awful chemical smell coming from your shiny new mattress? We’ve all been there. If your mattress won’t stop giving off that chemical smell – even if it has been more than 72 hours since you opened the packaging – then read on, as …

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Emma Mattress Review

For my Emma mattress review, I decided to take a different approach. There are already hundreds of reviews on different websites out there. It didn’t seem worth just repeating the same points again – you can easily Google them if you want. I set out to approach it a little differently: I actually bought an …

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