Editorial Policy

At WhatMattress, we take facts seriously, making clear updates when corrections are warranted and fact-checking manufacturer’s claims, reviews and comments by a small team of experts.

All reviews and articles that are published on WhatMattress must steer clear of hate speech, unnecessarily sensational content, distortion, exaggeration, carelessness and falsehoods. We also expect anyone leaving a comment on the WhatMattress website to abide by these rules.

This website is run by Carrie Taylor, the owner and chief writer.

I prohibit all of my staff members and contributors from accepting compensation, privileges or favours of any kind fom companies or groups featured in their coverage. Any real or perceived conflicts of interest or relationships at all (financial, professional, legal actions, personal or otherwise) must be avoided and/or discussed with me directly.

Any failure to honour these responsibilities will result in that person or individual being removed from WhatMattress, including their content and reviews.

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