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When you’re comparing the best mattress brands, there comes a point where they all start to blur into one. If you’re not careful then you start to lose the will to live! I have hand-reviewed all the biggest mattress-in-a-box brands in the UK — so that you don’t have to; below I review the newest contender to the market – OTTY.

Note: This is a review of the OTTY Hybrid. For the OTTY Pure Hybrid, read my review here.

A quick introduction to OTTY:

OTTY Sleep Ltd are a UK-based company that sell a small range of different mattresses – some are memory foam, some are ‘hybrid’ mattress and some even boast charcoal layers. For the most part, the “OTTY Hybrid” is their best-selling model, so this is what I am focusing on mostly in my review here.

If you don’t know what a hybrid mattress is, then it’s basically a mix of different layers. Where mattresses normally only have one main layer, hybrids will have multiple different ones. Some layers will be pocket spring and some layers will be memory foam (or other types of foam). Want to find out more? I suggest you quickly read more on hybrid mattresses, including which hybrid is currently the best here.

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Pros & Cons of OTTY Hybrid:


  • Cheapest price around for a hybrid mattress – significantly cheaper than trendy Simba
  • Small range of products so easy to understand
  • White-glove delivery service via Keen & Able


  • Some mattresses are made in China
  • Longer-term reviews aren’t as positive
  • Not flippable


Overall, OTTY have mostly positive reviews, at the time of writing they are rated 4.6 / 5 on Trustpilot. There are some possible issues with long-term use — but be aware this isn’t limited to OTTY, it is often regarded as a drawback to many cheaper memory foam and hybrid mattresses. More on this below.


Other mattresses by OTTY

As said above, I am focussing on the Hybrid mattress here mostly. But let’s not forget that, like many other brands nowadays, OTTY also offer a few other mattresses in their range:

  1. OTTY PURE (link) – a hygienic “charcoal lined” hybrid mattress, it claims to be the UK’s first charcoal hygienic mattress on sale. A charcoal mattress claims to be antibacterial, and apparently eliminates odours, absorbs moisture, and regulates temperature. The OTTY Pure mattress also has their “tallest ever springs” (16cm) to ensure full support for your joints and back.
  2. OTTY Flex
  3. OTTY Essential

A closer look at OTTY: The layers

For the Hybrid mattress, there are 4 layers if you exclude the fabric outer skin (I will cover this later). The layers are:

  • Top layer: A 3cm Cool Blue Gel memory foam layer which is designed by OTTY and keeps the mattress in the right temperature during sleep.
  • Middle layer: A 3cm memory foam layer which is great for pressure relief.
  • Second layer: A 14cm layer consisting of 2000 capsule springs which adjust to your body weight while you are in bed.
  • Bottom layer: A 5cm high-density foam base layer which keeps the mattress all together and works as the base of the mattress.

Firmness and comfort

According to the Sleep Council, most people are looking for a mattress around the “Medium-Firm” mark, and this is where OTTY state that their Hybrid mattress appears.

After testing out the OTTY I have to agree with them, although it didn’t feel quite as firm as the Nectar (which also claims to be Medium-Firm). Note that there is NO agreed standardised measure or definition of “firmness” — so in other words, all mattress companies are using their own determination and ratings. As an aside,  I’d love for the industry to get together and form an agreed “firmness scale” so that customers can easily compare brands and mattresses, but that sadly hasn’t happened yet 🙁

So instead I am using my own “firmness scale” which isn’t as scientific as it sounds; on the scale, the OTTY (with 10 being very firm), I would say that the OTTY mattress is a 6.8. That means that it is ideal for those who like their mattress to be slightly firmer than the “average” mattress.

Firmer mattresses are suitable for side sleepers because they don’t sink as much. If you are a side-sleeper then definitely consider the OTTY.

Firmer mattresses are also good for orthopaedic use i.e. if you have back issues, but definitely read my article on mattresses for back pain first before buying any mattress!

Firmer mattress are NOT so good for front sleepers, as they don’t have the full softness that means your body won’t sink into the mattress as much – causing some possible aches and pains. If you are a front sleeper then consider other brands.

Considering it has large, 140mm springs and firm side supports, the first thing that struck me about the OTTY mattress was how small it compresses down after it has beens vacuum packed.

The only other bed-in-a-box mattress I’ve tested with comparably long springs – the Eve Hybrid – packs down just as small but measures only 180mm deep once fully expanded, which is 70mm thinner than the OTTY.

Delivery & White Glove service reviewed

OTTY use a company called Keen & Able to deliver their mattresses. For a small fee, they’ll offer a “white glove” service where Keen & Able will unbox your new OTTY Mattress for you in your own home, place it on your bedframe, and even take any old mattress away (this may cost more, check with OTTY first). You can add these options in the checkout on the OTTY website when buying your mattress.

I am not really sure why anyone would want a “white glove” service unless they have mobility issues. Remember that, unlike days of old, these mattress-in-a-box companies ship their products in vacuum-packed, easy to carry cardboard boxes. A lot of them use regular couriers like DHL or UPS, so if a courier can lift it, then so can most people. But it’s nice to have the option there, and Keen and Able have really good reviews too.

Note that mattress boxed (even when vacuum packed) can weigh a fair amount – about 25kg to 35kg – but other than that, it’s really easy to transport the box around. Of course once you take the mattress out of the plastic wrapper, that’s another story – it’s definitely not going back in there!

OTTY was founded in 2018… by this guy? Or is it just some random model? Not sure.

OTTY prices and costs

The OTTY mattress range is certainly a budget-friendly option. Indeed, the prices are about £150 cheaper than other “hybrid mattress” rivals like Simba Sleep.

The reason for that is likely because their mattresses appear to be made in China. I couldn’t find much more information on this, apart from this article, but given that most products are made in China now, I don’t see why it’d be any lower-quality than other brands. You may have concerns with buying anything from China – so if that’s you, then maybe look at another brand.  If you’re able to spend a bit more, and want a Hybrid mattress made in Britain (aside from Simba), then read my full, unbiased Brook + Wilde review here.

Back to OTTY, the business founder, Michal Szlas, states in this article that OTTY entered the market to try to bring down costs, similar to how Tuft & Needle operate in the USA. If you are budget-conscious, and want a hybrid or memory-foam mattress with a 100-night trial, then OTTY should definitely be worthy of your consideration. But don’t think of this as a budget mattress because it has much the same make-up as higher-priced rivals.

Let’s look at the pricing structure.

Here are the current prices at time of writing – excluding any OTTY discount codes:

As you can see from the above table, OTTY thankfully offer multiple mattress sizes to fit most bedframes, including Ikea ones that (used to) use EU sizing. For most customers, you will be looking at a regular UK double or UK King, but check your sizing first!

? Psst… Secret voucher code

PLEASE NOTE: The above prices are without a discount code. However you can get a discount using my voucher code for OTTY below. It will give you a -£50 discount off the above prices, and you can use it as many times as you want.

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10% off with code
Get 10% off your OTTY mattress: includes the Pure, and in any size!
Valid until 31 December 2023

Anything else worth knowing…?

OTTY offer 0% financing on all their products, via a company called DivideBuy. You can split the payments, without interest / 0%, from between 3 and 12 months, meaning an average double hybrid mattress paid off over 12 months will cost you about £42 per month.

Otty have a 100 night free trial, this is similar to Emma mattress and a lot of other brands, although Nectar offer a 365 night trial now. 100 nights should be enough to gauge if the mattress is right for you.

A quick glance at other “trial” periods from other brands puts OTTY right in the middle:

  • Nectar Sleep – 365 nights
  • Simba Sleep – 200 nights
  • Emma Sleep – 100 nights
  • OTTY – 100 nights
  • Sleepezee – ~10 nights
  • IKEA  – none?

Although you should definitely be aware of the drawbacks and limitations of these so-called “night trials”, generally speaking they are hassle-free if you need to return the item back to the retailer and you are of course within the return period.

Just bear in mind that if you buy an OTTY mattress from any *other* place, i.e. other than through their website, then the 100-night trial guarantee may not apply. Make sure to read the smallprint first!

How long do OTTY mattresses last?

If you’re still reading, then well done!

This is quite a long review so far, but I wanted to go where other review websites often don’t venture – how well do OTTY mattresses last after 3/6/12 months of use?

This is where the OTTY mattress range loses a few points (but they’re still one of my preferred brands). The shelf-life of memory foam mattresses (and therefore hybrid mattresses) is about 5-10 years. If you want to read more on why this is, then I have created this article to explain further.

But for the most part this won’t affect most people, because nowadays the recommended period to keep your mattress is only 8 years. So if it fails after 10 years you probably won’t know about it, as it’ll already have been recycled. That’s the theory anyway.

Note that some reviews by longer-term OTTY users are complaining that their mattress failed after a year, or sometimes less – usually by sagging. I am still investigating this and will update this article again shortly when I have spoken to some of these people. For now though, I will refer you to their “Limited warranty:

Deterioration causing the Mattress to have a visible indentation greater than one (1) inch that is not associated with an indentation or sag which results from use of an improper or unsupportive foundation or adjustable bed base.

Their warranty clearly states that if the indentation is “deeper than one inch” then it should be possible to make a claim under the 10 year warranty. As to whether that includes “sagging” I am not sure, nor how they are measuring it. If you have information or insight into this, please leave it in the comments below. Thanks!

Conclusion – is OTTY a good choice or not?

Obviously I can’t tell you which mattress you “must” buy, as I try to be unbiased and neutral, allowing you to form your own opinion.

If you are budget-conscious and want a hybrid, then OTTY are definitely worth a look. Bear in mind the drawbacks of some memory foam/hybrid mattresses, e.g. they can’t be flipped over, and their shelf-life is going to be <10 years in all likelihood.

If you’re aware of those possible drawbacks, and don’t mind them, then OTTY are definitely worth a look. Their prices are cheaper than other hybrids, and they come in at medium-firm like most mid-market brands (which is the firmness that most people want).

The addition of the pocket spring layer and the optional ‘charcoal’ hygienic layer might sway some into buying and I will update this review when I get my hands on one of those. OTTY produce one of my favourite mattresses because they are affordable, and some mattresses are just so ridiculously expensive nowadays that they aren’t within most people’s budgets.

NB: If your budget can’t stretch to buying outright, then OTTY – like most brands nowadays – do also offer a 0% finance option.

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How long do OTTY mattresses last?

If you're still reading, then well done!

This is quite a long review so far, but I wanted to go where other review websites often don't venture - how well do OTTY mattresses last after 3/6/12 months of use?

Conclusion - is OTTY a good choice or not?

Obviously I can't tell you which mattress you "must" buy, as I try to be unbiased and neutral, allowing you to form your own opinion.

If you are budget-conscious and want a hybrid, then OTTY are definitely worth a look. Bear in mind the drawbacks of some memory foam/hybrid mattresses, e.g. they can't be flipped over, and their shelf-life is going to be <10 years in all likelihood.

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11 comments on “OTTY Mattress Review

  1. As with others on here, we have a King OTTY and after 2.5 years it’s sagging down both sides where we lie. We rotate it regularly and that gives a night or two of relief but there’s a firm ridge down the middle that we fight over! I wake up with lower back pain every day now, after a bad night’s sleep.

    1. I’m having the same issue . Ours has a 2cm sag and I wake up every morning in chronic pain and stiffness . Otty have not been supportive at all in fact their reply to my email to them attaching photos showing the sag of 2pms was the photos aren’t clear you need to get an independent mattress assessment for which you have to pay before we do anything . I didn’t realise that a guarantee is totally meaningless as far as otty are concerned. In fact I did email them twice during the first 100 days to tell them that I wasn’t happy with the mattress as I felt I was sinking in to the middle of the bed but they ignored my emails and in the up gave up . I’ve not slept in the bed much as I’m often away . But now after 2 and gals to 3 years I’m finding sleeping in it every night is impacting on my health and mental well being

    2. Claire I’m having the same issue with our superking which we’ve had for three years and only one person ever sleeps in it . Within the one year period it was lock down and we emailed them twice asking them to collect the mattress as we felt it was beginning to sag . They didn’t reply to a single email .
      So unfortunately we gave up . Our backs are now suffering badly and when we took a photo showing the sag using a large plinth of wood across the mattress and a tape measure shoeing the measurement of a 2cm sag , they refused to accept it saying we need to pay to get a mattress technician to come and measure the sag. They are not budging .
      Have you had any luck ? Any advice would be very welcome

  2. We have an Otty Superking, hybrid mattress which has sagging to the extent there is now a ridge down the middle of the bed. Unfortunately as the sag it is not an inch deep so not possible to exchange despite the fact it is extremely uncomfortable and causing back pain
    To measure sag you have to put a straight edge across the bed and measure the distance taking a photo to send as evidence

  3. I purchased an OTTY mattress some 4-5 years ago so it was not a hybrid. The mattress was so hard even with a topper that we put on it. My wife and I both had aches and pains until we recently purchased an Emma hybrid. This has made an enormous difference and now we are aches and pain free

  4. I don’t recommend the Otty at all.
    We had it for 1 year now and the sagging/dips at both sides were terrible. My sciatica hadnever been as bad I could hardly move.

    Nectar on the other hand – probably one of the best things I have ever bought.

    1. Yes I do very much so. I’m contemplating getting an adjustable bed but I’m getting held back because I don’t know if I can use my superking Otty mattress with it. When we go away I’m unhappy until I get back to my Otty. I never ache at all or have a Crick in my neck. It’s better than the very expensive beds I use in hotels!

  5. I am really happy with my hybrid by Otty and was reluctant to buy it as there was not much information on it at the time but now I am looking to buy another one for my daughter just wanted to see which is best the “flex” or the “hybrid” in your opinion thankyou.

  6. I bought an otty mattress but it took 2 months to arrive, in the end it is a good mattress but the communication was not brilliant.

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