Affiliate Disclosure

I want to be transparent with our readers about how this website makes money.

We receive affiliate commissions from some of the mattress providers that we recommend. This means that if you click on a link or button on our website and purchase a mattress from a provider, we may receive a commission (‘referral fee’) for having referred a new customer.

We negotiate referral fees only after we’ve fully conducted our reviews, so our ratings and recommendations are based solely on the quality and features of each mattress. However, the compensation we receive may influence how, where, and in what order products appear on our website.

At WhatMattress, we take pride in providing honest, helpful, and well-researched content for genuine mattress buyers. Note that we don’t ask for, nor receive, free samples/free mattresses; where possible we buy the mattress ourselves.

Some shopping links featured in our articles may be from various affiliate programmes, including the Amazon Associates Program, through which we may receive a commission for qualifying purchases.

Depending on the reader’s location, we may also use an affiliate aggregator called Skimlinks. Skimlinks has relationships with thousands of retailers and publishers and helps us place tracking codes on a retailer link in an article if it’s relevant. The tracking code recognises when a reader clicks on a link in an article and drops a cookie on the reader’s device. This enables us to confirm if the reader makes a purchase from the retailer’s website. Skimlinks then attributes a commission from the sale to WhatMattress.


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