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Buying a new mattress is a bit like online dating – you rarely know what you’re getting until it arrives at your doorstep! Now that most of us Brits buy mattresses online, it’s hard to know if a specific mattress is going to be right for you, without sleeping on it first…

But fear not as I’ve spent hours upon hours researching and hand-testing mattresses (and I’ve been doing so since 2018). Now I’m here to share with you my thoughts on the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress. Is it the mattress for you or are there better mattresses in the UK you can buy instead?

Frankly, if you’re new to mattresses, then you may not be familiar with Brook + Wilde. But that’s going to change if recent developments are anything to go by, as they are quickly becoming one of the most popular, premium mattress companies in the UK.

I’m going to review as honestly as I can the pros and cons of their Lux mattress, which is now the cheapest in the range. Does it live up to the hype? I am always looking for the best mattress, and here’s everything you need to know about the Brook + Wilde Lux.

Here’s a starter for ten:

Brook + Wilde Lux: At a glance


  • Luxury, higher quality mattress
  • Custom-made in UK
  • 200 night trial
  • Good for many sleeping types


  • Long delivery times
  • Cover not removable/washable
  • No free mattress protector
55% off at Brook & Wilde 55% off at Brook & Wilde
55% off at Brook & Wilde
Get 55% off all orders (all mattresses), cannot be combined with other codes or offers.
Valid until 25 August 2023


As of 2024, Brook + Wilde now offers four mattresses now in the UK. I will compare each of the others to the Lux, throughout this review.

In short, these four mattresses cater to different preferences and budgets; firstly there’s this, the Lux which is their original flagship mattress, offering a medium feel (overall) and a hybrid construction of memory foam and pocket springs.

The Elite is a step up, with more pocket springs and a choice of soft, medium, or firm feel.

The Ultima is more luxurious again, with even more pocket springs, cooling technology, and a top layer of natural silk.

And for those who want the ultimate in natural materials, there’s the Perla, with layers of cashmere, wool, and alpaca. Each mattress comes with a 200-night trial, free delivery, and a 10-year guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing  that, hopefully, you’ve made the right choice.

Brook + Wilde are clearly aiming their mattresses at a different audience to many other brands: those happy to pay more for quality, hand-made UK products. They are also quite revolutionary: in fact they were the first UK mattress company that allowed you to customise your firmness level; while a few others have now added that option, it was quite a revelation at the time.


The Lux mattress cover is made of a durable, breathable polyester/elastane mixed material that feels soft to the touch. The fabric is smooth and comfortable, but not overly plush or extravagant compared to other mattresses sold by Brook & Wilde – but then I guess that is to be expected, this being the cheapest in the range.

The cover of the Brook and Wilde Lux mattress features a two-colour design, the top part is white with a visual pattern and the bottom part is navy. The two parts are separated by an orange line. It’s a clean and simple design that is pleasant to the eye; ultimately you’ll probably hide it under a sheet and protector, but I think it looks great.

Although it’s not removable or washable, the cover does a good job of protecting the mattress and keeping it clean.

Annoyingly, there is no ‘free’ mattress protector included with the Lux, so you’ll need to buy one. Brook & Wilde sell a few, the cheapest is the Chelsea, which is around £149.

Take a look at my best mattress protector reviews here if you’d prefer to buy one from another brand for less.

Lux: Layers

Being a hybrid, there’s five layers of foam and pocket springs for added support. The top layer is a breathable, thermo-regulating cover that helps to regulate body temperature, followed by a cooling memory foam layer, a support foam layer with wave technology for better spinal alignment, 1,000 pocket springs, and a non-slip support base.

The mattress is available in medium firmness only – sadly there is no longer the ability to customise the Lux; if you want to do that you’ll need to opt for the more expensive models.

Note that the Lux does not require flipping or rotation. If you do flip it, like most hybrids, you’ll end up sleeping on the hard bottom foam layer! Probably not a good idea…

Here’s the full rundown of each layer:

  1. Breathable mattress cover: The Lux mattress comes with a breathable cover that is soft and durable. It is designed to keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep, ensuring a peaceful night’s rest.
  2. Cooling memory foam: The Lux mattress features a top layer of cooling memory foam that is designed to mold to the shape of your body, providing pressure relief and eliminating motion transfer from restless sleeping partners.
  3. Wave technology: The mattress also includes an additional layer of support foam with added density to aid spinal alignment and care for your shoulders. This layer features the innovative wave technology, which ensures the right levels of support and pressure distribution to provide better spinal alignment while you sleep.
  4. Pocket springs: The Lux mattress contains 1,000 pocket springs that give it a bouncy feel and extra support. These springs are designed to push back, leaving you with extra spring in your step.
  5. Support base: Finally, the mattress has a specialised support foam base that provides the mattress with structure and solidity, providing the necessary support to ensure that you wake up feeling refreshed.

Brook & Wilde Lux: Depth

The Lux mattress is 26cm deep, making it a medium-profile mattress. It clealry features a substantial amount of foam and pocket springs, which are layered together to create the perfect combination of support and comfort.

At 26cm deep, the Lux is deeper than many other mattresses in its price range, which often range from 22-24cm in depth.

That said, I note that sometime around 2021, Brook & Wilde quietly reduced the depth from 28cm to 26cm – some online reviews still mention the old depth and are out of date. Sadly, this theme of ‘cost cutting’ will feature again in this review later on.

Overall, though, the depth allows for more layers of foam and pocket springs, which are essential in creating a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. The Lux’s depth ensures that it provides ample support for your body, more or less regardless of what position you sleep in. Though there are some caveats which I will talk about next.

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Sleeping Style – Is it Right for Me?

As a hybrid mattress, the Brook + Wilde Lux works for a variety of sleepers and sleeping styles. The mattress comes in a medium comfort feel, making it a decent enough option for most sleepers but possibly not suited for all.

The Lux mattress is great for side sleepers because it has a denser layer of ‘wave foam’ in strategic places to support the head, neck, and shoulders. Side sleepers frequently complain of pain and pressure points in these places, so this can be helpful. The pocket springs of a Lux mattress also aid with weight distribution and give localised support.

The Lux mattress is great for those who sleep on their backs because the combination of the special wave support technology and the layer of solid foam ensures optimal spinal alignment. This ensures that your spine stays in a neutral position all night, reducing stress on it. It’s also great for those suffering with back pain who don’t want to spend thousands on a special mattress.

However, stomach sleepers might not be the best candidates for the Lux mattress. This is due to the fact that a mattress with a medium firmness may not offer sufficient support for the hips and pelvis, leading to aches and pains in the lower back. A firmer mattress may be more comfortable for stomach sleepers because it will help them maintain spinal alignment throughout the night.


The eco-credentials of the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress, I would say, are average or ‘acceptable’.

The CertiPUR certification – now mostly standard in the UK – guarantees that no dangerous chemicals are used in the production of the foam, and that only environmentally friendly elements are used instead.

In addition, the Lux’s foam can actually be recycled – but you need to contact Brook & Wilde directly to find out more. There is little-to-no information on their website about the actual recycling. So it’s debatable whether your old Lux will end up going to landfill or not, in my opinion – a shame they cannot provide more info.

Obviously, the memory foam layers of the Lux mattress are synthetic, which is a possible negative from an environmental point of view. If you want a more natural or organic mattress, you’ll need to pay more; it just isn’t possible sadly right now at this price point. Read more about my recommended natural mattresses in the UK, here.


The Lux is generally an okay choice for allergy sufferers. Because of its hypoallergenic nature, it does not harbour allergies like dust mites, mould, or germs. The foam’s inherent resistance, in conjunction with the cover’s ability to act as a barrier, is the reason for this.

As mentioned above, the Lux mattress cover is manufactured from a hypoallergenic and breathable polyester – which may sound scary, but actually polyester is brilliant at repelling dust mites, though you’ll want to make sure you’re not buying it for someone with a polyester allergy.

All in all, those who are particularly environmentally-conscious may want to consider alternatives like organic cotton or bamboo for (at minimum) the cover. Or if your budget allows, try going for a latex mattress.

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Brook + Wilde: A Brief History

Although they are relatively new to the mattress scene, Brook + Wilde’s staff have a long history in the bedding and mattress markets. Co-founders Tyler and Jonathan Coulson are veterans in the industry – being a direct at Dreams, Tyler launched another mattress business called Hyde & Sleep, in collaboration with Jonathan’s marketing agency.

Hyde & Sleep became a hugely successful brand and now turns over £10m plus per annum. They are hoping to replicate that success here again with Brook & Wilde.

Pitching itself as Britain’s ‘most premium’ mattress brand, Brook + Wilde offers similar promises you’ll get from its rivals i.e. 100 night trial, optional mattress recycling and free shipping. The Brook + Wilde Lux mattress – that I review here – is “perfectly crafted to give deep and restful sleep”, according to its maker – and its overwhelmingly positive reviews appear to back up the claim.

Versus: Brook & Wilde Elite

There are currently four different mattresses available from Brook + Wilde. None are cheap, but you get what you pay for. I’m going to compare the Lux with the next model up, the Elite:

? Lux Mattress? Elite Mattress
Firmness:? Medium? Soft, Medium, or Firm
Top Layer:?️ Thermo-Regulating? Breathable Air-Flow
Depth:26 cm28 cm
Pocket Springs:1,0003,000
Support Technology:? Wave Support Technology for Spinal Alignment? Wave Support Technology for Spinal Alignment
Type:? Hybrid? Hybrid
Side Handles:?️ Yes?️ Yes
Non-Slip Base:✅ Yes✅ Yes
Cover:❌ Not removable/Washable?️ Removable and Washable
Cooling Feature:❌ N/A❄️ High Quality ‘Cooling’ Memory Foam
Synthetic Latex:❌ N/A?️ Reactive Synthetic Latex for Extra Bounce and Feel

Read my full review of the Brook & Wilde Elite here.

The “Elite”

Don’t get me wrong, the Lux is a great option for people on a smaller budget, but the Elite has some perks that set it apart as a more luxurious and comfortable option.

  • The quantity of pocket springs is the big difference between the two mattresses. The Elite has three times as many individual pocket springs as the Lux. Because of this, the Elite is superior in terms of weight distribution and providing the support necessary to maintain proper spinal alignment.
  • The Elite also has a premium ‘cooling’ memory foam layer, which is an improvement over lower-end models. This is the perfect layer to help you maintain a pleasant temperature all night long. Those who overheat easily while sleep will find this function especially helpful, since it can reduce the occurrence of night sweats.
  • The Elite additionally has a layer of reactive synthetic latex for increased responsiveness and bounce. Those who like a mattress that responds more quickly to their shifting weight may appreciate this feature.
  • Last but not least, the cover on the Elite is removable and washable, making it easire to maintain a clean and healthy sleeping environment.

Brook & Wilde Lux Mattress Prices & Sizes

A quick note about sizing: There are only four UK sizes available: single, double, king and super king.  While this will be fine for most customers, note that if your bed is from IKEA for example it may not fit well as there is no EU sizing. Competitors such as Emma and Nectar have a larger range, which also incorporate EU & US sizes.

SizePrice (before discount)Dimensions (cm)
Single£69990 x 190
Double£899135 x 190
King£999150 x 200
Super King£1,099180 x 200

One interesting thing here is that Brook & Wilde have actually reduced these prices by around £100 since launch (in 2020). This is really quite surprising given that almost every other mattress company have put prices UP by at least £200 in the last couple of years.

Brook & Wilde have managed to reduce pricess by cutting costs, clearly. Whereas the Lux used to be 28cm thick, it’s now ‘only’ 26cm. They’ve also changed the size of the springs a little, too.

But then their 200-night trial used to be 100-nights, so every cloud.

I have to say I quite like this approach; mattresses are becoming increasingly expensive (what isn’t?!) and most people aren’t going to notice the 2cm reduction in height. If anything, fitted sheets will not fit better!

Brook + Wilde Mattress Drawbacks (Negatives)

During COVID-19 there were some delays with delivery and that was reflected on their Trustpilot page.

Though these delays have now been rectified, sadly Brook & Wilde now advertise that delivery can take up to 6 weeks in the UK. This is because all their Lux mattresses are custom-made.

The other drawback is the price. If you were to compare this to the Emma or Nectar mattresses, these are obviously mid-level mattresses; whereas Brook + Wilde are aiming for the “premium end”. It remains to be seen if it’s worth the price, but I will update this review when I have manually tested this product out myself.

A better comparison might be with newcomer Owl + Lark mattress, who are selling a luxurious cashmere and wool hybrid mattress. But it isn’t cheap, starting from £1100.

55% off at Brook & Wilde 55% off at Brook & Wilde
55% off at Brook & Wilde
Get 55% off all orders (all mattresses), cannot be combined with other codes or offers.
Valid until 25 August 2023


While the medium firmness occupies the middle ground between coziness and being supportive, I quite liked the level of support from the Lux.

Personal preference is key: remember that within the 200-night trial, you have the option to it and can switch to another from their range if unhappy.

Compared to a pure-foam/memory foam mattress, the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress has a decent spring to it – largely provided by the second layer of larger 13cm pocket springs. You don’t sink too far into it, and it returns to its original shape promptly.

Sleep Trial

Regardless of which mattress you choose from their range, each Brook + Wilde mattress comes with a 200-night trial.

Recently it’s been upgraded from 100 nights, but is pretty standard in the industry – though it should be long enough to gauge how well you get on with your new mattress.

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Do Brook and Wilde do promo codes?

Yes, surprisingly for a premium brand, there are some significant discounts available too. All you need to do is use a coupon or voucher code and the discount will be instantly applied.

View all Brook and Wilde discount codes here.

The best coupon I have seen is a whopping -42% reduction, which at the time of writing is still valid. So grab a promo code / discount today on your Brook + Wilde mattress, if you think it’s right for you, using my special coupon below:

55% off at Brook & Wilde 55% off at Brook & Wilde
55% off at Brook & Wilde
Get 55% off all orders (all mattresses), cannot be combined with other codes or offers.
Valid until 25 August 2023

If you’re an NHS worker then there is a 50% saving on Brook & Wilde Lux mattresses available from websites like NHSDiscounts or Blue Light Card. What’s more if you’re in receipt of Universal Credit then you may be able to get a discount on the Social Tariff scheme too.

More from WhatMattress...

User Reviews for Brook + Wilde Lux

Previous customer feedback is a major factor when picking a mattress, and websites like Trustpilot can actually be useful if you sort by “worst rated”.

In light of the 114 reviews currently visible for the Brook + Wilde Lux on Trustpilot, most of the reviewers were happy. It has a ‘great’ rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 – truth be told, 96 percent of the reviews are five stars, with 4 percent at four stars.



Other reviews

  1. review here (behind paywall)
  2. Country And Town House

Brook + Wilde Lux mattress: Prices (UK)

The Brook + Wilde Lux mattress sits at the premium end of the mattress-in-a-box UK market.

At full price, a single Brook + Wilde Lux mattress costs £749; a double £699; a king £799; and a super king £899. This puts it on a par with the Simba Hybrid range of mattresses – again another premium brand.

Brook and Wilde’s white glove delivery is free as you would expect when spending this much, which means two delivery people carried the mattress all the way into my bedroom and removed all the packaging for me, which I thought was a nice touch.

Here’s how the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress price compares to that of its premium hybrid mattress rivals (UK pricing, before any discount):

Hybrid Mattress: Price Comparison

Brook + Wilde Lux£699£899£999
Emma Premium Hybrid£749£949£1,149
OTTY Original Hybrid£449£599£699
Simba Hybrid Pro£899£1,099£1,249
Simba Hybrid Luxe£1,199£1,499£1,699
Eve Premium Hybrid£679£879£1,049

Note that these are all FULL priced i.e. before any discount. It’s possible usually to save at least 50% off most of these prices when a sale or discount code is live.

What do I need to know about delivery times?

If you’re still reading this far, then great! Don’t forget to check out the range of accessories and add-ons that Brook + Wilde do here.

The unboxing experience of Brook + Wilde, like most of these companies, is well tailored and feels exclusive. There are several unboxing videos on YouTube worth checking out.

If you’re into packaging, then in this area Brook and Wilde truly shine. The mattress is vacuum–sealed and rolled in a neat 100cm x 50cm 50cm box for transportation. Delivery is within 3 days of order, this is one of the shortest delivery periods currently available for the “bed in a box” industry here in the UK (but note the point above about COVID-19 delays).

The mattress is delivered using a two-man service, similar to OTTY. Note that if buying accessories such as pillows these will be sent by DPD and not via the white-glove delivery service.

Payment Options

  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Amazon Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Financing available

Conclusion: Is the Brook & Wilde Lux any good?

In conclusion, individuals who can afford a luxury, handcrafted mattress made in the United Kingdom will benefit from sleeping on a Brook + Wilde Lux.

The Lux is a hybrid mattress, featuring both memory foam and pocket springs for superior comfort and support regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

Although the cover of the Lux mattress isn’t removable and washable, it is made of a durable, breathable polyester/elastance mixed material that feels soft to the touch. The mattress is hypoallergenic and meets minimum standards.

The Brook + Wilde Lux is an excellent choice for people in the market for a mid-range, custom made mattress who happen to value comfort. The Lux mattress is not cheap and is not necessarily the greatest solution for stomach sleepers either, but there is a 200-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty should it not be the right fit. Overall, I’d say that if you can go for the Elite then that may be worth it – remember that you get washable covers and customisable firmness – for not much more money.

Deals/Discounts – iPad

If you time it right, you can buy the Lux in King size for £849 and combine it with the ‘Free iPad’ offer that Brook + Wilde are often running. This effectively means you are getting an iPad worth £349, which if you deduct from the current price of £849 for the King, means you’re getting a premium memory foam mattress for only ~£500.

Sadly that particular iPad offer isn’t always on, but Brook + Wilde do often run special promotions. In the event that the iPad offer isn’t live, you can still get money off using this discount code:

55% off at Brook & Wilde 55% off at Brook & Wilde
55% off at Brook & Wilde
Get 55% off all orders (all mattresses), cannot be combined with other codes or offers.
Valid until 25 August 2023

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How firm is the Lux mattress?

As mentioned above, Brook + Wilde are different to other mattress makers as they offer the option to choose your firmness level.

This is particularly useful if you've got orthopaedic problems.  Each mattress can be tailored, so that it is one of four comfort levels.

Do Brook and Wilde do promo codes?

Yes, surprisingly for a premium brand, there are some significant discounts available too. All you need to do is use a coupon or voucher code and the discount will be instantly applied.

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  1. I want to buy a B&W mattress for my mother. My mother is 65 years old this year and has spina bifida. Is the firmness of Brook mattress suitable for my mother?


      Read the reviews on Google and Trust Pilot, I am still waiting to hear back from them.

  2. As a warning for anyone considering B&W please read trustpilot.
    Cannot meet delivery promises and are on occasions months late. I’m a bit terse that so many online review sites are positive when the supply and customer service is abysmal. If any of the contributors to these reviews read this you should pull all of tge B&W recommendations until they sort their house out as YOU are providing the recommendations

  3. i bought a Brook and wild double mattress for my wife as a present but a word of warning it didn’t arrive until 5 days after the delivery date. it is a good mattress don’t get me wrong.

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