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I’ve been testing mattresses for a long time now, so I was excited to get my hands on the new ‘Elite’ mattress from Brook + Wilde.

Though Brook and Wilde are fairly new to the bed-in-a-box market, they differentiate itself from the competition by letting you select the level of firmness you want for each mattress. Unique in the UK, this level of personalisation has the potential to greatly improve your shut-eye.

I’ve already had the pleasure of trying out Brook + Wilde’s Lux mattress, which I have rated as “medium hard”.

Overall, though that particular mattress does have some shortcomings, I was pleasantly surprised by how well supported and comfortable the Lux mattress was for the relatively low price. Unlike some other mattress companies, I could tell pretty much instantly that Brook + Wilde’s promise of only the highest quality products was not just a marketing ploy – it oozes quality, like the rest of their product range.


  • ? Comfortable and supportive for side sleepers in particular
  • ? Provides good balance of firmness and support
  • ? Controls temperature well
  • ? 200-night comfort guarantee
  • ? 10-year warranty & Made in UK


  • ? May not provide enough support for back sleepers
  • ? More expensive than rivals
  • ? May not suit those who prefer a firmer mattress

After sleeping so soundly on the Lux, I was eager to try out the more expensive Elite model too, and it did not disappoint – read my review on the cheaper Lux mattress here.

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty of the Elite. In short, the Elite mattress is one of the most supportive and pressure-relieving mattresses I‘ve ever slept on, making it one of the most comfortable nights of sleep I’ve ever had. It’s a great option for folk who place a premium on both convenience and luxury due to its responsive support system and temperature-regulating cooling technology.

55% off at Brook & Wilde 55% off at Brook & Wilde
55% off at Brook & Wilde
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Overview: Yay or nay?

As you’ve probably figured out, the Brook and Wilde Elite is a true hybrid mattress, just like the more reasonably-priced Lux – but it has an extra layer of foam and an extra set of springs.

The mattress features 1,000 full-size (135mm) pocket springs over a sturdy foam foundation; these are separated by 2,500 little pocket springs. Brook & Wilde call it a layer of special wave technology” foam, which provides support for spinal alignment in addition to “push back” and bounce.

Memory foam acts as a barrier between the high-density foam on top of the tiny springs and the detachable cover of the mattress. With this “shield” in place, the top cover glides effortlessly over the dense foam below. Because of the unusual sequence of these layers and the “wave” layer, the construction of this bed-in-a-box mattress is quite intricate.

All Brook and Wilde Elite mattresses comes in either soft, medium, or firm options – called Feels – allowing you to choose whatever you want. As above, you can tailor it exactly to your needs and here I chose “medium” – the idea was to represent a middle ground in terms of firmenss, so bear in mind my review/thoughts only apply to that particular level of firmness (…if I can get my hands on the other versions, I’ll update this review).

How long is the guarantee?

There is a 200-night comfort guarantee on the mattress if you use a protector and sleep on it for at least 30 nights. Whichever option you want, you’ll be albe to return the mattress and get your money back, according to Brook + Wilde. Long term readers of WhatMattress will know that, unlike many other companies like Emma or Simba, Brook + Wilde are good for their promises.

Though be aware of one caveat: if you select the exchange option rather than refund, you won’t be eligible for a second swap. In other words, you’ll need to keep it, so just think that through before deciding.

Finally, you have up to 10 years to claim on the guarantee if the mattress fails due to a flaw in materials or construction.This is now pretty standard within the UK mattress industry.

The Brook + Wilde Elite mattress is a great choice for people in the market for a new sleep experience, since it provides such a high level of personalisation, comfort, and support, and because it comes with a decent guarantee and protection against manufacturing faults.

You can squash it, despite it being firm

Brook + Wilde Elite: Pricing (UK)

Brook + Wilde markets its Elite mattress as a high-end option; this makes sense since it provides a luxurious night’s rest that, frankly, is difficult to achieve with almost any other mattress. This really is one of the best “premium” (or maybe hyper premium!?) mattresses you can buy in the UK.

However, the Elite’s price reflects its high level of luxury.

Elite Mattress Size? Price (GBP)

Note that these prices are before any discount, so check out my Brook & Wilde discount code page here for more.

55% off at Brook & Wilde 55% off at Brook & Wilde
55% off at Brook & Wilde
Get 55% off all orders (all mattresses), cannot be combined with other codes or offers.
Valid until 25 August 2023

About the 200-night trial

Nowadays, nearly all of the main mattress companies in the UK offer a 200 night trial, so this isn’t as remarkable as it once was (previously, most used to offer 100).

MattressNight Guarantee
Brook & Wilde200 nights
Simba200 nights
Emma Sleep200 nights
Nectar Sleep365 nights

As you can see, if you want the longest trial around, then Nectar Sleep are your best bet, giving you a whole year.

Firmness – which is best?

The Brook and Wilde Elite comes rolled, vacuum-packed, and boxed, just like many contemporary mattresses. You can sleep on the mattress the same day it arrives, even if it’s late in the day, because the manufacturer claims it just needs two to three hours to fully inflate. And in my testing, I can confirm that this is certainly the case.

While some foam-based mattresses can have a significant “off-gassing” smell, the Elite only had the faintest of faint odours, that shouldn’t bother even the most sensitive noses. This is partly because of its construction and materials used.

The medium firmness rating given by Brook + Wilde seems about right, since it provides a somewhat softer feel than the medium-firm Simba Hybrid Pro while still being sufficiently supportive. You can only use the mattress one way though, as flippoing it will compromise the ideal combination of firmness and support it provides.

If you press down on the mattress, you’ll feel a lot more give near your shoulders and hips, making this a great option for those who prefer to sleep on their sides. Because of its suppleness in that area, your lower arm won’t get stuck under you like it might on a firmer bed. So in other words, if you sleep on your side, the Brook and Wilde Elite is an excellent choice because it provides both comfort and support.

So what ‘feel’ is best for me?

A highly personal question, of course, but here’s my rundown:

Soft: This rating is best suited to side sleepers who require more cushioning around their hips and shoulders. It’s also a good option for those who prefer a more plush and luxurious feel.

Medium: This rating is a good all-around option that’s suitable for most sleeping positions, including back, stomach, and side sleepers. It provides a good balance of support and cushioning.

Firm: This rating is best suited for back sleepers and those who require more support for their spine. It’s also a good option for heavier folk who might be at risk of sinking too deeply into a softer mattress. Check out my mattress guide for heavier sleepers here.

The thickness shows even in promotional photos like this

Not ideal for back sleepers…

Where this mattress falls short is if you’re a back sleeper. While side sleepers will appreciate the superior support, back sleepers in all honesty may be better off looking elsewhere. If you’re a back sleeper then you may not get as much support as side/front sleepers here, due to the mattress’s overall softness (even though the mattress is firmer under the hips). Sleeping on your back more than your side suggests that a firmer mattress, such as the Lux, would be preferable.

Back sleepers should consider a mattress that is on the firmer side because it’ll better support your spine while lying on it. Here are some potential alternatives to check out:

  1. The Simba Hybrid Pro is a medium-firm mattress that uses foam and pocket springs to distribute your weight and relieve pressure points, so iff you sleep on your back and favour a softer mattress, this is a fantastic choice.
  2. The original Emma mattress is also available, and comes in medium-firm and made to accommodate a wide variety of sleepers and sleeping styles. It’s got a layer of memory foam and a layer of supporting foam for maximum relaxation.
  3. The Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress, no longer available in the UK sadly, was a hybrid design that combines foam and pocket springs in a firm five-layer design. Particularly for the lower back, it provided support and relieves pressure. A shame they pulled out of the UK!
  4. Mattresses from Tempur are known for their firmness and support, making them a great choice for those who prefer to sleep on their backs – but be aware they are dear. Their Pedic line features an enhanced back and hip support system.

Brook & Wilde Elite: Sizing

The Brook + Wilde Elite sizing and dimensions are as follows:

  • Single: 90 x 190 x 28 cm
  • Double: 135 x 190 x 28 cm
  • King: 150 x 200 x 28 cm
  • Super King: 180 x 200 x 28 cm

Note that these are UK size mattresses.

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Here’s a clarification (and shortened version without the buzzwords) of what each layer does:

  1. Layer 1: Removable, washable top cover that is breathable to allow for air circulation.
  2. Layer 2: Memory foam protector that reduces friction and allows both components to work to their full potential.
  3. Layer 3: Thermo-regulating top layer made from high-density foam that supports the spine, eases pressure on pressure points, and helps regulate temperature.
  4. Layer 4: Wave technology support foam layer that aids spinal alignment and relieves pressure points.
  5. Layer 5: 1,000 full-size pocket springs that reduce pressure points and move with you as you sleep.
  6. Layer 6: Additional 2,000 mini pocket springs that add bounce and push back.
  7. Layer 7: Support base that gives structure and solidity to the mattress, and provides support to the bottom layer of pocket springs.
  8. Layer 8: Non-slip base that keeps the mattress in place.
A cut-away showing the 8 layers

So, what sort of bed should I use?

All you need is a bed frame with slats no more than 10 cm apart, say Brook and Wilde. The Elite worked fine for me on a spring slatted base, although I generally prefer a divan for my mattresses, including the Elite, for the best overall support and stability.

In terms of moisture and heat, I found the Elite does a better job of maintaining a comfortable temperature than many mattresses entirely made of memory foam, which isn’t surprising. Read more about the top hybrid mattresses and how they work.

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Brook & Wilde Hybrid: Elite vs. Lux

Here’s my side-by-side comparison of the two mattresses.

Note that there’s also the Brook & Wilde Perla now, which adds an even higher level of comfort (and of course costs a load more once again!).

Brook + Wilde LuxBrook + Wilde Elite
? £599 (single)? £900 (single)
?️ 6 layers?️ 8 layers
?️ Cooling foam layer?️ Wave technology foam layer
? Soft, Medium, Firm + Plus Firmness Options? Soft, Medium, Firm Firmness Options

In terms of construction, both mattresses are hybrids, and both are 28mm thick, but the Elite has eight layers of foam and springs, while the Lux has six layers.

The Elite includes 1,000 full-size (135mm) pocket springs, 2,500 smaller mini pocket springs, and a “wave technology” foam layer that promotes spinal alignment. On the other hand, the Lux has a layer of responsive memory foam that adapts to your body’s shape and pressure, followed by a layer of cooling foam that regulates temperature and provides extra support.

In terms of firmness options, both mattresses come in soft, medium, and firm options — however, the Lux has a “plus” firmness option that the Elite doesn’t currently offer.

Conclusion: Is the Elite worth buying?

If you’re looking for a mattress that offers the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and support, go no further than the Brook & Wilde Elite.

Why? Because its multi-layered design includes both foam and pocket springs, which work together to alleviate pressure spots and make for a more comfortable night’s sleep. Both the thermo-regulating top layer and the wave technology support foam work to maintain a comfortable body temperature and promote healthy spinal alignment. The top cover being detachable for washing adds to the item’s use.

The mattress’s high price may be an issue for some people I know, and there are cheaper alternatives available from other brands like OTTY and Simba but they all come with their own drawbacks too.

While the medium-firm firmness rating is fine for most sleepers, those who sleep on their backs and need a firmer sensation may find the Elite to be a bit too soft.

55% off at Brook & Wilde 55% off at Brook & Wilde
55% off at Brook & Wilde
Get 55% off all orders (all mattresses), cannot be combined with other codes or offers.
Valid until 25 August 2023

Overall, the Brook & Wilde Elite is a great purchase if you’re looking to spend a little more on a high-quality mattress and you primarily sleep on your side or back. You may want to go elsewhere, though, if you’re on a tighter budget or prefer something with a different firmenss rating.

Best Rated Mattresses UK (2024)

  1. Simba Hybrid Luxe — Best for comfort, with wool layer
  2. Nectar Memory Foam — The comfiest, affordable memory-foam mattress
  3. Emma Premium — Best cheaper hybrid around. Full stop.
  4. OTTY Original Hybrid — Still going strong
  5. Eve Original Hybrid — Still a classic, made in UK
  6. Tuft & Springs Solitaire 2000 — Pricey but high-quality

The top all-round mattress in the UK according to WhatMattress users in 2024 is Simba Hybrid Luxe. It's surprisingly affordable, and out-performs all other hybrid mattresses in terms of comfort. It also doesn't sag as much as other rival hybrid mattresses, even after a couple of years of testing.

How do I get the free iPad offer?

From time to time, Brook & Wilde offer a ‘free’ iPad with every order, though you have to use a coupon code to get it.

This offer is, as at the time of writing, still valid. By using the discount code “IPAD” during checkout, you can receive a free iPad worth up to £749, depending on the value of their order. The free iPad offer is available for orders over £749, £1,500, or £1,999, and customers will receive an iPad worth £319, an iPad Air worth £579, or an iPad Pro worth £749, respectively. View the full Terms & Conditions here.

Note that this offer does NOT work with/cannot be combined with other vouchers.

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