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Vispring Plymouth Supreme 1200

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Although the Vispring Plymouth Supreme is noted for its high quality natural materials and exquisite feel, it comes at a price. That being said, the company stands by its expensive mattresses because it offers them all with a 30 year guarantee. The Plymouth Supreme model is one of the least expensive of Vispring’s offerings, and it features the company’s signature use of natural materials like cotton and new Zealand fleece wool.

Vispring Plymouth Hybrid mattress: Quick facts

We’ve gone quite in-depth with our review of this mattress because we’ve actually purchased one and tried it out for ourselves. If you’re in a rush we’ve summarised the main pros and cons of the Vispring Plymouth Hybrid mattress here:


  • Made with high-quality natural materials such as New Zealand fleece wool and cotton
  • The pocket spring system offers excellent support and motion isolation
  • Handcrafted and comes in a decent range of sizes
  • Has exceptional thermal regulation due to its breathable design and air vents
  • Hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and 100% recyclable
  • Comes with a very reassuring 30 year guarantee


  • Some people have complained about the lack of edge support
  • The mattress may sag and lose its shape over time due to the high volume of fillings used
  • For a basic mattress it’s very expensive so it may not be affordable for everyone

Generally there aren’t many things to complain about with regards to the Vispring Plymouth Supreme, especially if you’d prefer to opt for a greener choice. If that’s you then you’ll love the fact that it’s made with natural materials rather than the usual foam. Vispring developed the Plymouth Supreme to offer superior comfort and support, and it does that very well. The expensive price is the only drawback, making it unattainable for some consumers. But when you consider that it does contain a natural filling and that Vispring are associated with quality, the price isn’t that bad at all for what you’re getting.

Mattress composition

As with all but the most basic of mattresses, the Vispring Plymouth is comprised of multiple layers which work together to offer comfort and support to the sleeper. Here we’ll look further into the composition of the Plymouth Supreme so you can see how it works.

The Vispring Plymouth Supreme mattress features a cover crafted from a mixture of natural fibres (wool, cotton, and viscose). The sleeper is provided with a surface that is soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic thanks to the use of these materials. The viscose fibres in the cover make it feel smooth, while the wool and cotton add to the cover’s softness and moisture management. To prevent the fillings from sliding around and bunching, the cover features hand-tufted cotton tufts. For extra longevity and opulence, it is framed with hand-stitched borders. The cover of the Vispring Plymouth Supreme mattress is made to ensure a relaxing and sumptuous night’s rest as it is the part of the mattress that’s in contact with the body.

Under the cover lies the first layer, known as the comfort layer. The Vispring Plymouth Supreme uses natural materials like New Zealand wool and cotton for its mattress’s comfort layer. Wool is great because it has high levels of breathability, capacity to wick away sweat, and hypoallergenic nature. You’ll stay cool and comfortable all night thanks to its ability to absorb and release sweat. The cotton is comfortable to wear, long-lasting, and able to wick away sweat.

Vispring Plymouth Supreme mattress composition

Support layer

Beneath the comfort layer lies the support layer. The spring layer in the Vispring Plymouth Supreme is of superior quality and essential to the mattress’s construction. More than 1,200 high-quality steel springs make up the pocket spring system. Each spring in these pocket springs is enclosed in its own calico pocket, giving you the freedom to roam around while yet being supported by the mattress. The springs are hand-tied with twine to eliminate any noise or movement during the night.

The Vanadium steel used to create the mattress’s springs is a high-strength steel that will last for many years. Vanadium’s anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties also contribute to the mattress’s long lifespan in pristine condition, which is why Vispring are able to offer a 30 year guarantee for the Plymouth Supreme mattress.

The term “insulator layer” describes the material found beneath the springs in a Vispring Plymouth Supreme mattress. New Zealand wool and cotton are the natural fibres that go into its construction. As a barrier between the springs and the upholstery, the insulator layer keeps the filling out of the springs while it contributes to the overall softness and comfort of the mattress.

Natural materials used in the insulator layer not only improve the mattress’s overall comfort, but also aid in temperature regulation by allowing more air to flow through the mattress. This layer is essential to the function and longevity of the mattress since it keeps the spring layer from drooping or becoming indented over time.

The insulator layer is a crucial part of the Vispring Plymouth Supreme mattress since it ensures the mattress will last as long as possible and continue to be a comfortable and supportive place to sleep.

Temperature regulation

The natural and airy contents in the Vispring Plymouth Supreme mattress contribute to its remarkable cooling function. Those who enjoy a cool, dry, and supportive sleeping environment will appreciate the Platinum Certified New Zealand wool and cotton used to make the mattress.

Pressure relief

The Vispring Plymouth Supreme mattress is great for relieving pressure since it provides a nice, even surface for sleeping on. The individually nested pocket springs assist to minimise pressure points and pain. They do this by providing focused support to different regions of the body, such the hips and shoulders.

The mattress’s comfort and pressure relief are enhanced by the use of natural materials in the upholstery layer, such as wool and cotton. The sleeper will be cool and comfortable all night thanks to the moisture-wicking properties of these supple fabrics.

Because of its supportive, soft, and contouring sleep surface, the Vispring Plymouth Supreme mattress is an excellent option for people in need of pressure relief due to health ailments or old age.

Firmness and tension

The tension of the springs in the Vispring Plymouth Supreme contribute to the mattress’s ability to relieve pressure and support the body. Mattresses with progressive support are made to adjust to the weight and shape of the sleeper, giving extra cushioning and firmness where it’s most needed. This aids in the reduction of painful pressure points and the improvement of spinal alignment, both of which contribute to a more pleasant night’s sleep.

The steel pocket springs in the Vispring Plymouth Supreme mattress are what give it its reputation for support. The spring tension and the natural fillings atop the springs work together to provide a comfortable and supportive mattress with just the right amount of give without letting the body sink in too far. Vispring themselves describe the Plymouth Supreme as being a medium-firm mattress, however we would say it is much closer to medium than it is to firm. For that reason if you need a particularly firm mattress this one may not be best suited to your needs.

Although a rod is utilised to attach the coils to the mattress borders to provide some degree of edge support, this is only a temporary solution, and the mattress’s margins do not provide as much comfort or support as its middle. So The Vispring Plymouth Supreme does have good strong side support, but the way the sides are supported does render the very edges of the mattress as unusable for sleeping. This is a hard thing to get right on a mattress that is made from natural materials as opposed to foam.

Vispring Plymouth Supreme mattress

Vispring Plymouth Supreme sizing:

One of the great things about the Plymouth Supreme is the availability in a wide range of sizes. Unlike many high-end mattresses, the Plymouth Supreme is available in Single. The full range of sizes and costs can be found here:

SizeDimensions (cm)Price (GBP)
Super King180×200£1,869


The Vispring Plymouth Supreme is a high-end mattress and it is made primarily of natural textiles and without any foam. Off-gassing tends to be an issue with foam mattresses, so for the Plymouth Supreme off-gassing isn’t an issue. Furthermore the Plymouth Supreme is one of the few mattresses examined that does not emit any noticeable volatile organic compound (VOC) odours from the materials used in its construction.

Vispring refuses to use any chemicals in their production process. Instead they insist on using only natural materials like wool and cotton. The Plymouth Supreme is made from recyclable and biodegradable materials. The company’s commitment to environmental responsibility is a key part of their identity. Hypoallergenic New Zealand Wool is used to make the Plymouth Supreme, making it a great choice for anyone with allergies.


The Vispring Plymouth Supreme pocket springs and coils improve the mattress’s airflow and circulation. The mattress contains hand-knitted materials, such cotton, which make it breathable and porous. It’s combination of breathable and hypoallergenic fibres keeps you dry all night long – even if you’re a hot sleeper.

The 30 year lifespan guarantee shows how confident Vispring is in the quality of the Plymouth Supremes. However, please keep in mind that this guarantee is meant to cover flaws or faults and not necessarily the mattress’s longevity under normal conditions of use. The huge volume of fillings utilised in the mattress may be to blame for the sagging and loss of comfort complained about by some customers. Although the tufted design is supposed to keep the fillings from bunching up, it may not be completely successful in doing so and the mattress may eventually wear out from extended use. But then this is a problem that you get with all mattresses – none of them last forever.

Vispring Plymouth Supreme: Final verdict:

The Vispring Plymough Supreme has received positive reviews from customers and experts alike. The history of the Vispring brand dates back to when pocket springs were first created by James Marshall. The Plymouth Supreme mattress carries on this tradition with its ergonomically designed Calico pocket springs. The use of natural cotton and British Shetland wool boosts its moisture-wicking and air-permeable properties. The mattress is available in different firmness levels (soft, medium, firm, and extremely firm) to accommodate sleepers with varying tastes. However, the mattress does not provide the same level of adaptability as a memory foam mattress and does not have reinforced edge support. However, the Vispring Plymouth Supreme is still a very appealing choice. Even more so when you consider that it is the least expensive model in the Vispring lineup.

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  1. In the early ’70s my father ran a small hotel in Hammersmith, London and I would frequently spend the night with him. I always remember the bed being very comfortable and having a great night’s sleep. Shortly before he died we were talking about his hotel days and I asked him what it was about the beds that made them so comfortable. He told me that all of the beds had Vispring mattresses on them. Since then I have always purchased Vispring mattresses and recommended them to my family and friends. I am now looking to replace my mattress and am pleased – although not surprised – to see a Vispring mattress get such a favourable review.

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