Pillow Reviews

Making sure you are buying the right pillow isn’t easy. Even if you search online for reviews (like you’re doing now…!) then you will likely come across a lot of American websites that aren’t relevant to the UK. There’s nothing worse than researching a pillow, finding the perfect one, then discovering that it’s priced in …

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Emma Pillow Review

In my review of the popular Emma pillow, I decided to do things a little differently to other review websites. Firstly, I actually bought one and tested it. I also bought a Simba Hybrid pillow at the same time. I prefer to sleep with two pillows, side by side. But quite like to alternate them. …

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Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

When it comes to sleeping, more people tend to sleep on their side than any other position. And contrary to popular belief, sleeping on your side can be beneficial. As long as your mattress provides the right kind of support and cushioning, sleeping on your side can promote even spinal alignment. Even spinal alignment while …

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Best 5 Pillows for Neck Pain

If you’ve ever suffered from neck pain, then you will understand just how inconvenient it can be. Not only can it make you uncomfortable throughout the day, but it can also affect your sleep. Sleep is vital for many reasons, so inadequate sleep will bring its own host of problems. In many cases of persistent …

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Neck pain? Try the EVE Pillow

EVE Memory Foam Pillow

If you have recently been in the market for a new mattress, then you will no doubt have heard of EVE. The same can be said if you’ve been looking to buy a new pillow. Like the majority of pillows from premium manufacturers, the EVE pillow comes highly recommended. In fact, the EVE pillow has …

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Best Pillows for Front Sleepers

Best pillows for stomach sleepers

If you often wake up with a sore neck, shoulder or back then it could be down to your pillow. Your pillow can also be to blame if you regularly struggle to get comfortable when in bed. When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, it is important to ensure that you’re as comfortable …

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