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Every so often I come across a brand new mattress company and get very excited 🙂

In this case they’re called Owl and Lark and I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of them before. I wasn’t asked to review them, unlike a few other companies in the past,  so I felt I was able to give an honest impression and write a genuine review – with warts and all.

So are Owl and Lark any good? What’s their back story? I wanted to find out…

At a glance: Owl + Lark

    • A hybrid mattress, made partly of cashmere
    • Also includes a wool layer, plus a latex layer
    • Deeper than most mattresses so may need new sheets
    • Not the cheapest option but super comfortable
20% off 20% OFF
20% off
Valid until 14 April 2023

About the Owl and Lark mattress

The Owl and Lark mattress is what the industry calls a “hybrid” mattress; that is, its a mix of memory foam and pocket springs. Previously, most mattresses fell into either one of these categoriees. But nearly all the large mattress sellers nowadays offer a hybrid mattress as part of their range, and there are even hybrid pillows now, such as the Simba Hybrid Pillow.

But what Owl and Lark claim sets them apart from the competition, is the additional combination of a latex layer, and a wool layer respectively. They’ve thrown everything into the product – quite literally – and combined all the different types of mattress into one.

If you’re interested in the pros and cons of a wool mattress then be sure to read my full rundown first.

Company history

As above, Owl + Lark are a new-ish company. I’ve been able to find a little bit more about the company behind Owl+Lark, who are based in Watford. Company founder and CEO Hafiz Shariff, a former lawyer, runs Papersail, an investment company.

Owl + Lark Reviews

Owl + Lark have only recently launched, so finding longer-term reviews is not easy. There is a TrustPilot page already set up, with 15 positive reviews and 0 negative reviews. However as with any new company there will be a slight leap of faith involved: but remember that Owl and Lark, like other mattress brands, offer a 101-night trial if you aren’t happy.

The delivery times seem to be a slight issue, but this is the industry standard now; during COVID-19 mattress delivery times have slipped and sadly can take up to six weeks to arrive. If you want a quicker delivery then you will need to buy a mattress made in the UK and in stock, such as those by Nectar.

Cashmere: What is it?

The Owl + Lark is perhaps the first mattress to use cashmere in the UK. I haven’t come across a ‘cashmere mattress’ before: it looks like a new innovation in mattress tech. Normally it is reserved for luxury jumpers and clothing, so to see it being used here for bedding is a welcome development.

Cashmere comes from the Kashmir goat, and its fur is reportedly three times as insulating as regular sheep’s wool. It is normally finer, softer and lighter than sheep’s wool too. It is made from a very fine, close weave and has been manufactured in Mongolia, Nepal and Kashmir for thousands of years, so could be considered a “natural” product. But you may want to research the cashmere industry as there are some reports of it being cruel, depending on where the cashmere is sourced. I have reached out to OwlLark.com to see where they are sourcing their cashmere from, and will update this review when I hear back.

On a similar note, there is no mention of where the rest of the Owl + Lark mattress is manufactured – I  had hoped it would be within the UK but it isn’t clear. I am awaiting comment on this too.

Owl & Lark Sizes and Fit

The Owl and Lark mattress comes rolled up and vacuum packed, like most of the other mattresses I review. This does mean you’ll have to contend with the famous ‘new mattress smell’ for a few days, but that’s unavoidable.

The plus side of it coming ready-rolled up is that it’s very easy to lug up the stairs. If you check the table below you’ll see that even in the biggest size (“Emperor”), it’s pretty managable for one person to lift up the stairs – although check the weight first because these things can still be heavy.


Weight (kg)


Rolled Dimensions



90cm x 190cm x 39cm

100cm x 50cm



135cm x 190cm x 39cm

145cm x 50cm



150cm x 200cm x 39cm

160cm x 50cm



180cm x 200cm x 39cm

190cm x 50cm



200cm x 200cm x 39cm

210cm x 50cm

As per the above, the Owl + Lark Mattress comes in 5x sizes in the UK ( Single, Double, Kingsize, Superking, Emperor). These are using the standard UK sizes and not EU/European sizes, so if you have an older IKEA bed make sure it’ll fit first. NB: IKEA have started to use UK sizing in recent years for their beds.

Owl & Lark Mattress: Firmness and layers

In case you’re getting confused, here’s a recap of the layers in the Owl + Lark mattress:

  1. Outer fabric, made of linen weave
  2. Tufted cashmere knitted surface
  3. Latex woven into upper topper, plus wool
  4. Pocket springs layer (“Nano springs”)
  5. HD Foam (memory foam) layer + larger springs

Squeezing all of this into a mattress means that it’s a bit deeper than normal – almost 40cm to be exact.

You’ll note that the “cashmere topper” is where most of the innovations happen – I was a bit disappointed to see that there wasn’t a full, unique layer for wool and another for cashmere, but I suppose that would have made the product even more expensive. Keeping costs down when using cashmere and sheep’s wool is no easy feat.

What are the mattresses made of?

The outer layers/fabrics are as follows:

Blue JayTawny Owl
Exterior Fabric70% Linen 30% Viscose55% Polyester 40% Viscose 5% Linen
Handles and TagsEthically-sourced Italian Napa LeatherEthically-sourced Italian Napa Leather
Surface100% Cashmere (knitted into polyester base fabric)100% Cashmere (knitted into polyester base fabric)
Brand detail and care instructionsScreen-printed TPUScreen-Printed TPU

Owl + Lark mattress: Pricing

This kind of workmanship does not come cheap. Cashmere is one of the most expensive fabrics you can buy, and wool isn’t particularly cheap either. With that in mind, the Owl + Lark is not for those on a budget (if you are looking to spend as little as possible on a mattress then check my guide here to buying a mattress for £200 or less).

A nice little bonus is that Owl and Lark are promising to also donate £25 to the RSPB for every mattress sold.

Here are the current prices at time of writing – excluding any discount codes:

UK Single£1100.00
UK Double£1650.00
UK King£1870.00
UK Superking£2050.00
UK Emperor£2500.00

Owl + Lark Discount Codes

The Owl and Lark website has a coupon code box in their checkout, so we can assume they are okay with you using a voucher to get money off. And remember that the use of a discount code or promotion does not affect the returns policy: if you use a voucher, you can still return your mattress if needed, within the 101 night guarantee.

Here’s a Owl + Lark voucher get some money off your next mattress:

20% off 20% OFF
20% off
Valid until 14 April 2023

Conclusion/Verdict on Owl & Lark

OTTY have been selling a charcoal based mattress (“Pure”) for a while, but to see a wool + cashmere + latex hybrid mattress arrive on the scene is very exciting.

It essentially combines the main types of mattress into one. You need to pay a premium to sleep on it, which is unfortunate but not that  surprising. This is a mattress aimed at those who are considering a Tempur or Hypnos mattress, and is at the higher end of most people’s budgets.

Another alternative to the Owl & Lark is the hyper-premium Brook & Wilde Perla – but it costs a lot more.

Whatever you choose, make sure to use one of the discount codes available to get money off:

20% off 20% OFF
20% off
Valid until 14 April 2023

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Can I use a fitted sheet?

Yes, but you will likely need to buy new ones, as the Owl + Lark mattress is much deeper than standard ones. The mattresses are 39cm deep so a "extra deep fitted sheet" should be used, you can find them on places like Amazon easily enough. But it's one more expense you need to factor in.

Is there a free night trial?

Yes. Owl + Lark offer a 101-night trial, to allow you to get to grips with the mattress. If you find it uncomfortable then send it back and they claim to refund it in full.

🤑 What colours are available?

Interestingly, Owl + Lark offer the choice of two different outer sheet covers. Carrying on the bird theme, they are blue ("Blue Jay") and grey ("Tawny Owl").

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