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The Simba Hybrid pillow gives you control over your pillow’s firmness,  as you can adjust the height and comfort levels to your liking. How? Because the interior of the Simba Hybrid pillow contains little pieces of cut-up memory foam, which you can adjust yourself by removing or adding.

This is a welcome feature, but as part of this review I’m going to try to find out if the Simba Hybrid Pillow has enough features to differentiate itself. And ultimately if it’s worth buying.


The Simba Hybrid Pillow has been around for a while now, where other pillows have come and gone. Back in 2018, Simba launched it in the UK with the claim of being the first pillwo to be able to be slept on by anyone – the “everyman” of the pillow world, to an extent. This means it should be a great pillow for all types of sleepers: side, back and stomach sleepers too.

But is that accurate? Let’s find out.

The fact is that these Simba Hybrid pillows are Marmite to many people: some people think that it is just expensive cut up bits of foam, but others report having the ‘best night sleep ever’.

Just a quick note that Simba have since brought out an even firmer pillow in the UK, called the Simba Hybrid Firm pillow – more on that including my review here.

So which is best and should you buy it? Let’s find out.

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About Simba “Hybrid Pillow Technology”

The trick or gimmick behind the Simba Hybrid pillow is what’s inside. Small cubes of blue foam – that Simba somewhat bizarrely call “nanocubes” – make up the bulk of the inner centre of the pillow.

This allows you to adjust the height and firmness of the pillow to suit your needs: you can just take the “nanocubes” out and discard them, if the pillow is too dense.

Out of all the premium pillows that I have reviewed so far, the Simba hybrid pillow and the slightly-cheaper Nectar pillow are the only ones that allow this.

Admittedly, it does sound a bit gimmicky – but it actually is a useful feature.

Vegan friendly

Another great thing about the Simba Hybrid pillow is the fact that it is of the few vegan-friendly premium pillows that you can currently buy in the UK. This is because unlike other pillows, the filling inside does not contain any animal products. Instead, it is made with recycled materials, among other synthetic substances. This also goes a long way towards making the pillow hypoallergenic.

For those of you who already have read the Simba Hybrid mattress review, there is no need to tell you that when it comes to designing their products, Simba do things differently. The Simba Hybrid pillow is no exception to this rule. The combination of the various layers makes for a very comfortable pillow indeed.

Simba Hybrid Pillow: Composition

When it comes to premium mattresses, most of them are made up of various different layers. The same can be said for a lot of premium pillows. The Simba Hybrid pillow is no exception to this rule.

The outermost layer of the Simba Hybrid pillow is of course the cover. And even with the cover, the ingenuity behind the Simba pillow becomes apparent. Upon closer inspection you will see that the cover made from two separate materials.

Top Cover

The top half of the pillow cover is the half that contains Simba’s very own Stratos technology.

This is their technical term for the collection of various materials that are able to absorb, store and release heat at various stages for optimal thermal comfort. In a nutshell, this means that the pillow is able to absorb the excess heat from your body if you get too hot at night so that you cool down. The Simba pillow can simultaneously release heat to keep you warm during colder nights.

The Stratos technology is indicated by a blue stripe or band around the centre of the pillow. If you flip the pillow over, then you will see a grey stripe.

Bottom Cover

This grey stripe is to indicate the other side of the pillow cover, which is made from cotton. Even the cotton used in the Simba Hybrid pillow is superior to that of other pillows. Not only is the cotton used naturally breathable, but it is also BCI-sourced. BCI-sourced cotton is an initiative that supports and encourages better standards of sustainability when it comes to using cotton. Not only does this mean giving a fairer deal to cotton producers, but it also reduces the impact that the industry has on the environment.

At first glance you can tell that the Simba Hybrid pillow is something special, mainly because of the cover. Not only does it look luxurious, but it also looks modern thanks to the ventilation strip across the centre of the pillow. You would be hard-pressed to find a better-looking pillow cover out there.

And the best thing about the cover? It can be removed effortlessly and put into the washing machine at up to 40 degrees.

On a personal note I dislike the bright blue SIMBA logo on the edge of the pillow or the blue ribbing around the edge. I prefer all-white pillows – just something to be aware of.

Simba Hybrid Pillow Layers

Underneath the cover there are three layers. Of these layers, one of them can be customised (similarly to the Nectar pillow). The three layers that make up the pillow are:

  1. The top layer. This is known as the Aerelle layer and it is what gives the Simba pillow it’s extra coolness. The fibre within is mineral enriched which helps to dissipate any excess heat from your body. Not only that, but it also adds to the softness of the pillow. If you’re prone to allergies as a lot of people are, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Aerelle layer is hypoallergenic.
  2. The middle layer. This is the layer that features the nanocube technology. The nanocubes are made from visco-elastic open-cell memory foam. The idea of this is to make the pillow contour perfectly to the shape of your head, in much the same way as many memory foam mattresses When looking at the pillow from the outside, the middle layer is the layer with the ventilation strip across it. This allows extra airflow between the nanocubes, which regulates the temperature within the pillow. The great ting about the nanocube layer in the Simba Hybrid pillow is the fact that it is customisable. By that, we mean that you can open it to add and remove nanocubes to get the pillow at the required height or firmness. The Nectar pillow also has this feature, and it is extremely useful for tailoring the pillow to your own preference.
  3. The bottom layer. This has been designed specifically for comfort and contains a soft yet durable fill. Like the top layer, it is also hypoallergenic.



Simba Hybrid pillow layers


Simba Hybrid Pillow Review: Comfort and Firmness

The height (thickness) and firmness of the Simba Hybrid Pillow is completely customisable.

What does this mean? Well, you can add or remove the foam cubes from the middle layer of the pillow, as required, to suit your own needs. So, you can rest assured that the pillow will not only give your head the proper support, but also that your spine will be correctly aligned.

A nice touch with the Simba Hybrid pillow is the fact that it comes with a little bag to store any nanocubes that you aren’t using. It’s small ideas & features like this that set Simba apart from many other mattress and pillow manufacturers.

In my testing, I noticed that the nanocubes themselves do a reasonable job of supporting the head and spine.

However, it is worth noting that the nanocube technology is not comparable to some other foam-based pillows. Memory foam pillows tend to be quite firm and sturdy and the Simba Hybrid pillow is no exception, it can be quite firm if you pack it full of nanocubes. I got neck ache with it so had to empty about a third of the nanocubes out.

The fact that there are many different pieces of foam instead of one larger piece means that the Simba pillow tends to wrap around your head rather than remain firm.

It is a reasonably comfortable pillow, but a different type of comfort, compared to that offered by other brands. If you’ve not slept on a pillow made of cut up bits of foam before, you really have to try it to feel the differene (good or bad).

Plenty of blue foam “nanocube” cubes here!

Is it comfortable?

Well, comfort is very subjective, so it depends on the type of support that you prefer and that you are used to. Simba say that this pillow is quite firm, but I found it to be firmer than I expected, even with less nanocubes in.

That’s presumably why they’ve launched the Firm version, the Simba Hybrid Firm. Here’s a comparison of the two:

Simba Hybrid PillowSimba Hybrid Firm Pillow
MaterialMemory foam and cottonMicrofibre, cotton and spring
FirmnessAdjustable (removable foam cubes)Firm (with foam layers)
Warranty1 year1 year

Simba Hybrid Pillow Price – How Much Is It?

You may need to lie down after hearing the price of the Simba Hybrid pillow.

At £109 it certainly isn’t that cheap.

There are other premium pillow reviewed here for considerably less money. However, when you consider the research behind and the materials used within the pillow, the price is a bit more justifiable. Not only that but if you can find a working Simba discount code then you can save a decent amount of money off the RRP.

Discount codes for Simba Pillow (+ Mattress)

Yes, you can use a discount code with Simba including the Hybrid mattress – but only if you can find one 🙂 They are quite rare, unlike say Nectar or Emma who often promote voucher codes. Realistically the kind of discount you can expect to get is -20% off any pillow or mattress, assuming it is not a sale item.

Here is the best working voucher code I can find currently for Simba Pillows:

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Simba Hybrid Pillow Conclusion – is it worth it?

Everyone is different and therefore used to different levels of support from their pillow. The Simba Hybrid pillow is a great all-rounder in that it is fully customisable. The main disadvantage is the price if you are on a budget. You need to consider that while £99 is a lot of money for a pillow, The Simba Hybrid pillow is one that:

  • Is fully customisable to suit your needs and correctly support your head and spine
  • Comes highly rated and recommended by thousands of people
  • Contains some of the most innovative technology

If buying one won’t break the bank, then you can’t go far wrong with the Simba pillow. In our opinion it is already good value for money, but if you’re savvy enough to use a discount code when you purchase it then it becomes excellent value for money.

Use a discount code for Simba Sleep – they are valid on all products, including pillows.

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Simba Sleep
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How much is the Simba hybrid pillow (UK)?

The RRP of the Simba Hybrid pillow is quite dear, at £109.

That said, the materials used to construct it are of superior quality so it's reasonably priced. It is also worth checking for a Simba voucher code and see if you can get it a bit cheaper: often it can be available for as little as £75.

Does the Simba Hybrid pillow come with a Trial Period?

Unfortunately there is no trial period for the Simba Hybrid pillow. This is the case for a lot of premium pillows out there. We've reviewed several pillows so you can compare our thoughts and decide if the Simba pillow is right for you before you buy. Don't forget the Simba pillow also comes with a 1 year guarantee to protect you against any problems with the manufacturing process or materials used.

Is the Simba Hybrid pillow good for Side Sleepers?

The fact that you can add or remove nanocubes from the middle layer of the Simba Hybrid pillow means that it is fully customisable. This means the height and firmness of the pillow can be adjusted to suit stomach, back and side sleepers alike, but it's particularly good for side sleepers.

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  1. Genuinely the most amazing pillow ever. Just wonderful, we now get a decent night’s sleep after I go on a long run.

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