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The Simba Hybrid Pro mattress is one of the most popular mattresses in the UK, and has even won a few industry awards. You’ve seen the hype, but is it actually any good or just a load of hot-air?

Given that this Simba Hybrid Pro mattress review is now one of the most-viewed reviews here on WhatMattress, I’ve recently updated it with even more information including the ‘alternative mattresses to consider’ section.

But before we get to that, let’s start with the basics.

The Simba Hybrid Pro is a hybrid type mattress, meaning it combines different materials such as memory foam and springs, to create a ‘best of both’ sleeping experience. Or at least, that’s the theory. If you don’t know what a hybrid mattress is, and want to find out more, then read my best hybrid mattresses guide first.

Where it mainly differs from the cheaper regular Simba Hybrid mattress, is that it contains a wool layer, as well as extra inner springs (dual layered).

Is it worth the relatively high price though? Let’s find out.

Overview of Simba Hybrid Pro

Firmness: Medium-Firm (more on the firmer side)
Price: From £479 (with 40% off)
Comes with: Free Mattress Protector


  1. Very good support and pressure relief, thanks to its spring & memory foam layers.
  2. Slightly firmer than Simba Hybrid, which some find too soft.
  3. Highly breathable with the wool layer, which is a big plus for those who struggle with temperature regulation while they sleep.
  4. Comes with a ten-year guarantee, so you should be confident that you’re investing in a long-term sleep solution.
  5. Well received by users and critics; one of the best hybrids in the UK
  6. Comes with the usual lengthy free trial period
  7. Made in the UK


Of course, all of this must come at a price, and there are a few drawbacks to the Hybrid Pro to be aware of:

  1. There’s no getting around the fact that it is expensive, with prices starting at £1,199 for a king size mattress (before discount). While this is comparable to other premium-end mattresses, it’s becoming harder to justify spending over a thousand pounds on a mattress for many people.
  2. The top cover isn’t removable, but Simba provide a free Simba-branded mattress protector with every order,
  3. Although the wool layer softens things up a bit, it’s still quite a firm mattress. If you’re looking for something very soft, look elsewhere – try a true memory foam.
  4. I found the mattress to be quite heavy (over 55kg!) and difficult to move around, which could be an issue if you need to move it frequently.

Top Hybrid Mattresses: Comparison

A comparison of the best UK hybrid mattresses
Emma NextGen Premium

Simba Hybrid Luxe

Eve Original Hybrid

Simba Hybrid Pro


Simba Hybrid

Eve Premium Hybrid
4.6 4.5 4.4 4.3 4.3 3.9 3.9
User Rating 4.3 4.4 4.3 4.5 4.3 4.0 4.2
More infoMore infoMore infoMore infoMore infoMore infoMore info
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Construction and Features

The Simba Hybrid Pro mattress is made up of five layers (not including the outer cover).

No doubt you have already seen many graphics about the layers, like this one below, but please understand that they’re not to scale – I’ll cover why this is important later.

The top layer is made of breathable wool that helps regulate temperature and keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Below that is the second layer of Simba’s so-called Simbatex foam. It’s the same branded memory foam that you get with all Simba mattresses, but for argument’s sake, let’s just call it regular memory foam.

The third layer is where things differ from other mattresses. It now contains not one but TWO layers of pocket springs (what Simba call Aerocoils), stacked on top of each other. As regular readers to WhatMattress will know, I can’t find out what Aerocoils are or how they differ from regular pocket springs, except that they’re made from titanium. But regardless, these springs provide reasonable pressure relief. They also give a strong bolster effect, which is why hybrid mattresses are firmer in general.

The fourth layer is a layer of firm memory foam, which adds further support and helps to prevent motion transfer from the springs above.

The fifth layer is a zoned foam layer that provides additional support in areas where you need it most. This is the densest foam and provides overall durability and stability for the mattress. Note that you can’t sleep on this side, the mattress isn’t flippable.

Now that that’s out of the way, here is what the layers actually look like:

A cutaway showing the layers

One of the main benefits of the Simba Hybrid Pro in terms of its layers, compared to its competitors, is the addition of this wool layer. So far, this feature is missing from rival brand’s mattresses (such as Emma or Eve), making the Simba Hybrid Pro quite unique. But there are plenty of wool mattresses on the market by other brands like Sleepeezee and Brook + Wilde, read my full wool mattress review here.

The main point I want to make is that the wool layer really does set it apart. It’s an ideal choice for hot sleepers who need a mattress that regulates temperature and keeps them cool throughout the night.

Traditional memory foams have always run hot, and this is one of their famous drawbacks, and to an extent hybrids do suffer from that too.

So another ‘tick’ on the hybrid mattress score sheet here.

🏆 Best Hybrid Mattresses UK (2024)

  1. Emma Hybrid Premium — Best overall hybrid around. Full stop.
  2. Simba Hybrid Pro — Best for comfort, with wool layer
  3. OTTY Pure Hybrid — Infused with charcoal, affordable
  4. Eve Original Hybrid — Still a classic, made in UK
  5. Tuft & Springs Solitaire 2000 — Pricey but high-quality
  6. OTTY Original Hybrid — Cheaper hybrid with good reviews

The best all-round hybrid mattress in the UK in 2024 is Emma Hybrid Premium. It's surprisingly affordable, and outperforms all other hybrid mattresses in terms of comfort. It also doesn't sag as much as other rival hybrid mattresses, even after a couple of years of testing.

What are the differences between the Simba Hybrid & Hybrid Pro?

Just to clarify, you’ve probably noticed that Simba now offer a small range of ‘Hybrid’ mattresses now in the UK, which are (cheapest first):

  1. Simba Hybrid,
  2. Simba Hybrid Pro, and
  3. Simba Hybrid Luxe

It’s sometimes difficult to spot the differences between them. But, the main differences are the number of springs inside, and the materials used. More on both of these below.

Comparison: Simba Hybrid & Hybrid Pro

The main difference between the Simba Hybrid and the Hybrid Pro mattress, is that the latter contains more pocket springs.

Plus, as covered above, the Hybrid Pro also has a top layer made of British wool, which gives it a softer feel, and the regular Hybrid does not. More on that below.

Simba HybridSimba Hybrid Pro
Simbatex comfort layerWool comfort layer
2,500 conical pocket springs5,000 conical pocket springs
Memory foam layerMemory foam layer
Zoned base layerZoned base layer
Dense foam baseDense foam base
Price: £569 (double)Price: £1,199 (double)

If you’re unsure which one to go for, then read my side-by-side comparison and review of the Simba Hybrid vs. Simba Hybrid Pro.

Briefly: if you’re after a high-quality, supportive mattress at a more affordable price point, the Simba Hybrid may be a good option for you. It has a similar construction to the Hybrid Pro, including Simba’s so-called Aerocoils, but with a memory foam upper layer instead of wool. The Simba Hybrid is also available at a lower price point, making it a more budget-friendly option.

On the other hand, if you are willing to invest in a premium quality mattress that provides even more targeted support and comfort, the Simba Hybrid Pro may be the better choice for you. It includes a wool layer sourced from the UK and a higher number of titanium-based pocket springs. The other layers are identical.

About the Wool layer

The wool layer in the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress is at the very top, i.e. just below the cover. You can see it here in more detail:

Close-up of wool layer

The wool layer is only about 2cm thick, not as thick as the graphics on the Simba website portray – they’re not to scale. Something to be aware of.

But does this matter? The wool layer is supposed to provide a soft, natural, and breathable sleeping surface, and in my testing I found that it did surprisingly make a huge difference when compared to the regular non-Pro mattress. It felt high quality and I caught myself running my hands over it many times!

The wool used in the mattress is clearly of high quality and has been sourced from here in the UK – though specifically from where, Simba do not say. Interestingly, in other countries where the Simba Hybrid Pro is sold, they use wool from New Zealand. So it’s great that for the UK market they’re using a local material.

Wool is, of course, a natural material and is increasingly being used in bedding because of its unique properties. Firstly, it’s naturally insulating, so it helps to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This makes it an ideal material for use in mattresses, as it can help to regulate temperature and keep the sleeper comfortabwle through the night.

In addition to its insulating properties, wool is also naturally moisture-wicking, which means it can absorb moisture from your body and help to keep you dry. This is particularly beneficial for people who tend to sweat in the night, as it can help to prevent discomfort and promote a higher quality sleep.

The “PRO” label is a nice touch

Where the wool falls short, is that it can feel a little bit rough if you sleep naked. Plus, you’ll probably want to use a mattress protector because the wool layer isn’t washable (though Simba are currently giving out a free mattress protector).

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How did I find sleeping on it?

I want to point out that I didn’t receive a free mattress from Simba, I paid for it myself, well using WhatMattress funds. Which means that I can be as honest as possible without external influence from Simba.

For the duration of my sleep trial, which was conducted in the summer and early autumn, the Simba Hybrid Pro felt particularly warm. I tried using different duvets ranging from 7.5 tog to 15 tog, and found the latter far too hot. Normally, I sleep with a thicker duvet but had to downgrade. It certainly retains the heat a lot more than other mattresses I’ve tried lately – and presumably this is almsot entirely due to the wool layer.

You’ll want to consider that if you are buying this mattress, you may need to change or buy a different duvet. But that’s not a complaint in itself.

I actually missed sleeping on this mattress for the first few nights.

Review: Is it Hypoallergenic?

Kind of.

The wool layer in the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress is hypoallergenic, but that doesn’t make the entire thing hypoallergenic.

Regardless, as it’s the top layer, this means the layers below are repellent to dust mites, which are a common allergen that can cause respiratory problems for some folk.

It’s worth adding that, if your home is damp, the wool layer is also resistant to mould and mildew, which can help to prevent the growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that can cause unpleasant odours and potential health issues.

Overall, then, the wool layer in the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress serves a critical role in providing a comfortable, natural, and breathable sleeping surface. It may be thinner than Simba make it look, but we love it all the same.

FYI, the cover is the same as the one on the regular Simba Hybrid

How firm is the Simba Hybrid Pro?

Firmness is subjective, but I ask my readers to rate the firmness on a scale of 1 to 10. The Simba Hybrid Pro mattress in the UK is said to be a medium-firm mattress, with a firmness rating of around 7.1 out of 10 on the WhatMattress firmness scale.

Firstly, this level of firmness is generally suitable for most people, as it provides a balance of comfort and support. The mattress is designed to provide excellent pressure relief and support, which is important for maintaining proper spinal alignment and preventing aches and pains.

Secondly, be aware that if you have a specific medical condition or requirement, such as back pain or a respiratory condition, it’s important to speak with a healthcare professional before purchasing a mattress. While the Simba Hybrid Pro is designed to provide excellent support and pressure relief, it may not be suitable for everyone with a specific medical condition.

You can squash it, despite it being firm

Prices & Sizes of Simba Hybrid Pro

Make sure you’re sitting down before you look at the prices.  🙂

Be aware that these are the prices before any discount. However Simba often do discounts in the region of 20 to 40% off these prices.

Small Double£1,049
Super King£1,499
Simba Sleep 20% OFF
Simba Sleep
Save 20% off any Simba mattress, for a limited time.
Valid until 31 December 2023

What about the Simba Hybrid Luxe?

Never ones to miss an opportunity, Simba Sleep have also recently released an even more expensive mattress: the “Simba Hybrix Luxe”.

Here at WhatMattress, we’ve come up with our own firmness / comfort rating. This is a rating out of 10, where 10 means very firm. We call it the WhatMattress Firmness Rating.

HybridHybrid ProHybrid Luxe
Spring count2,5007,50012,500
Comfort layerMemory foamWool blend + memory foamWool blend + memory foam
Claimed FirmnessMedium-FirmMedium-FirmMedium-Firm
WhatMattress Firmness Rating6/107.5/108/10

If you’re looking for a premium mattress with even more springs that is even firmer, then the Luxe may be the way to go. There are a few other key differences to be aware of, too – but it’s probably easier to read my review which covers ALL of the differences between the Simba Hybrid Pro and Simba Hybrid Luxe.

How long is the trial?

The Simba trial is a standard 200 nights (or days). That means you can test it out for almost 7 months and send it back if you aren’t happy with it. Simba may send you a replacement rather than take the old one back though, and then you’ll need to have it collected by the council or recycled. But hopefully that won’t happen to you.

A few websites state erroneously that there is a 365 night trial here, such as this website, but this is wrong. Simba have confirmed to me that the Pro comes with a 200 night trial. The only company doing a 365-night trial is Nectar Sleep.

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What are the alternatives?

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress in the UK, there are several options to consider from other brands:

  • The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is a cheaper, high-end mattress that combines memory foam and springs for excellent support and comfort. There’s no wool here though.
  • The Emma Hybrid mattress is another good alternative, offering similar features to the Simba Hybrid Pro but at a lower price point. It’s arguably even better.
  • Don’t overlook the regular Simba Hybrid mattress. It has been around for a long time and while it lacks the wool layer, it’s still a good mattress made in the UK.
Lugging it around is a pain

Verdict & Conclusion

To summarise, the Simba Hybrid Pro is one of the best mattresses you can buy. Obviously, it’s a premium product so will suit those looking for both luxury and comfort who can afford to spend a bit more.

The Hybrid Pro has been on sale for a few years now and is still going strong. Frankly, I don’t write many glowing reviews on here but it’s hard to fault this (besides the price – use one of my Simba discount codes).

The extra layer of Aerocoils (springs), the layer of hypoallergenic wool, plus the usual layers of memory foam, all help turn the Simba Hybrid Pro into one of our recommended WhatMattress buys. It’s much better than the regular Simba Hybrid in more ways than one. The only downsides are the high price and the fact that it’s so damn bulky to move around.

(By the way, the 2021 models and onwards all come with handles now. This was an issue in the past, but thankfully Simba have added handles to the Pro too.)

Overall, if you can get a discount code or promotion, then the Simba Hybrid Pro is definitely worth buying and one of the best hybrids in the UK right now.  If your budget can stretch to the Hybrid Luxe, then consider that instead.

Simba Sleep 20% OFF
Simba Sleep
Save 20% off any Simba mattress, for a limited time.
Valid until 31 December 2023

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