Pillow Reviews

Making sure you are buying the right pillow isn’t easy. Even if you search online for reviews (like you’re doing now…!) then you will likely come across a lot of American websites that aren’t relevant to the UK. There’s nothing worse than researching a pillow, finding the perfect one, then discovering that it’s priced in …

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Top 5 UK Mattress Retailers

Best Mattress Retailers

Mattresses are big business here in the UK, so it’s not surprising that there are many retailers to choose from. Retailers range from the top-tier department stores who only sell their own recommended brands, to massive online retail giants who can offer large ranges and unbeatable prices. Here are the top 5 mattress retailers that …

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Emma Mattress Review

For my Emma mattress review, I decided to take a different approach. There are already hundreds of reviews on different websites out there. It didn’t seem worth just repeating the same points again – you can easily Google them if you want. I set out to approach it a little differently: I actually bought an …

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