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About Owl and Lark

Owl and Lark are a new company in the world of mattresses. Owl and Lark’s mission is to help you optimise your sleep so that you can be at your best each day. Upon first look at their website, it seems that they are profoundly serious about their mission. The Owl and Lark mattress combines the finest natural materials with both springs and foam. In other words, it is precisely engineered for supreme comfort as well as support.

The main materials used in the Owl and Lark mattress are cashmere, latex and wool. If you’ve been researching mattresses for quite a while then you’ll probably know that these materials come at a premium. This is because they are some of the most effective materials that can be used to made a mattress. If you’re looking for a mattress that extremely comfortable while being supportive, and is made from materials that will stand the test of time, then the Owl and Lark mattress could be the mattress that you are looking for.

As well as being made from premium materials, the Owl and Lark mattress also uses the best from both worlds when it comes to how it supports you. Being a hybrid mattress, it contains both springs and foam. This is nothing particularly revolutionary in itself. However it’s the technology used in the springs that sets the Owl and Lark mattress aside from its competitors.

Owl and Lark Offer Codes

10% off 10% OFF
10% off
Valid until 14 April 2023

Using an Owl and Lark offer code is simple. Just go to the official website at owllark.com and choose the mattress size you want (they only make one product). Once you’ve done that, click the red ‘Add to Basket’ button to be taken to the checkout summary. It’s on this page that you can check your order and apply your Owl and Lark offer code.

Look for the red box that says ‘Do you have a referral/offer code?’ and click on this. Enter one of the codes from above into this box and click on ‘apply code’. That’s it! You should be able to see your discount applied just before the order total. From here it’s just a case of paying and awaiting free delivery of your new Owl and Lark mattress.

We check regularly to ensure that the Owl and Lark discounts codes on this page are 100% accurate. If for any reason you are trying to use one of the below codes and it doesn’t work, then make sure that your basket meets the minimum spend requirements. Otherwise, feel free to contact us and we’ll take a look.

If one of the Owl and Lark offer codes on this page works for you, please let us know how much you managed to save in the comments below.

Owl and Lark Mattress Composition

The Owl and Lark contains the most innovative technology and premium materials throughout. Starting at the top, you can see that the Owl and Lark mattress is something special. The pressure relieving mattress topper is made from quilted layers of memory foam, latex and wool. Not only are these materials able to offer pressure relief, but when combined with the open-cell memory foam they can also provide a cooling sensation. This is for added comfort while sleeping. Latex and wool are premium materials, which are indicative of the quality of this mattress.

Underneath the mattress topper is the layer of springs. The cutting-edge spring technology used in the Owl and Lark mattress has been used so that the mattress can offer both support and comfort wherever your body needs it. The mattress is made from as many as 4,000 springs. These are nano springs that are stacked on top of each other to enable the mattress to easily contour to anybody, regardless of their sleeping position.

Underneath the two layers of nano-springs is the breathable support layer. The support layer is made from breathable foam. This foam has been designed to support your spine, while simultaneously preventing motion transfer from your partner. This enables both people in a bed to be able to get a good night’s sleep.

Underneath the breathable support later is the zoned pocket spring core of the Owl and Lark mattress.  This core features a number of 180mm multi-tension coils arranged into five different pressure zones. This means that your hips, shoulders and head can be independently supported by the mattress, with each body part getting the optimum amount of support they need in order to adequately rested.

Sustainable Mattresses


Something that Owl and Lark does which sets itself apart from the many other mattress manufacturers out there, is offer sustainability with all of their products. Not only are they able to offer sustainability by building their mattresses to last (so that you don’t need to replace it as often), but over 50% of the contents of the mattress are recyclable. And just to make everything that extra bit more ethical, Owl and Lark also donate £25 from the sale of every single mattress to the RSPB in an effort to protect our natural world that much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does using a discount code affect the free trial?

Owl and Lark offer a free 101 night trial with all of their mattress purchases. If you decide that the Owl and Lark mattress isn’t for you, they will gladly take it back for free. Even if you used an Own and Lark offer code when you purchased it.

Can I get free delivery for my Owl and Lark mattress?

In a word, yes. Owl and Lark deliver all of their mattresses for free. So this means you can take advantage of any offer codes on this page and still get the mattress delivered for free. So it’s win/win!

How do I return an Owl and Lark mattress?

Should you need to return a mattress for any reason, then you van find more information about the terms of sale on their website.

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