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Simba’s GO Hybrid mattress (the GO apparently stands for Green Organic) is an interesting option for those of you who’re looking for an eco-friendly sleeping experience. It’s clear that Simba has made a huge effort to create a mattress that is both comfortable and sustainable, and that is certainly to be applauded.

  • Eco-friendly and made of natural materials
  • Pricey, starts from £1,579
  • Not suited to light sleepers or hot sleepers
  • But great for mostly everyone else
  • Simba’s Hybrid Luxe is a cheaper alternative

The GO Hybrid is made from a mix of both new and recycled fibres, plus organic latex, and even organic cotton (the cover).

Simba has also designed the mattress to be 100% recyclable and even uses a carbon-neutral courier service for delivery. Being totally honest, these are all great features that make the GO Hybrid stand out in the bed-in-a-box-mattress market, particularly as many competitors have been criticised for their relative lack of sustainability.

In terms of comfort, I must say that the GO Hybrid is one of the most comfortable hybrid mattresses I’ve tried by Simba. Why? Because it provides a decent balance of both support and comfort that caters to different sleeping positions.

However, it’s worth noting that the GO Hybrid might not be for everyone – some people might find it too firm, depending on their preferences, which I’ll cover later.

Additionally, while the GO Hybrid is marketed as a sustainable mattress, the manufacture and transportation of any product will have an impact on the environment and I’m not sure if some of this is ‘greenwashing’ or a genuine attempt to be eco-friendly.

Lastly, there’s also the huge elephant in the room: it’s very pricey, in fact it’s almost double the cost of many other Simba hybrid mattresses.

So without further ado…


  • Designed to be more recyclable than any other mattress
  • No chemical glue used in the manufacturing process, making recycling easier and reducing the environmental impact
  • Made with Simba’s Simba-Pure foam, which is free from harmful chemicals and is hypoallergenic
  • Simba Renew™ layer is made with up to 75% recycled yarns, reducing waste and promoting sustainability
  • Suitable for most types of sleepers, providing comfort and support for a good night’s sleep


  • Limited sizes available compared to other Simba mattresses
  • May not provide enough support for heavier individuals, who may prefer a firmer mattress
  • Non-removable cover – but comes with a free mattress protector
  • Pricey
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Overview of Simba GO mattress

The Simba GO mattress is a six layer hybrid mattress i.e. it combines both springs and foam. This is similar to other hybrid mattresses in the Simba range, but the construction of the GO is unique – be under no illusion, this isn’t just a re-hash of an existing mattress but a 100% new product.

At the time of writing, Simba offers 6 different mattresses, with the GO sitting at the top end of the range alongside the Hybrid Luxe. The other mattresses in the range include the Essential, Hybrid, and Hybrid Pro, as well as a few cheaper memory foam models.


There’s 6… yes 6.. layers here, which is slightly higher than average.

This means that the Simba GO Hybrid can easily hold all of the sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials that have been packed in, across multiple layers:

  1. Breathable, GOTS organic cotton cover: The mattress features a breathable cover made from pure, cooling, organic cotton certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This body monitors production from field to factory, ensuring that the cotton is of organic origin and sustainably produced.
  2. Breathable, recycled Simba Renew layer: Under the cotton cover, a layer of anti-allergenic Simba Renew fibers made from up to 75% recycled materials aids airflow and discourages dust mites.
  3. GOLS organic latex comfort layer: The mattress features a perforated natural latex layer that offers increased breathability, as well as luxurious support and pressure distribution.
  4. Supportive Aerocoil Spring Layer: The mattress contains up to 2,000 of Simba’s patented, cone-like Aerocoil springs, which offer superior body support and increased airflow through the mattress.
  5. Zoned SUPPORTCORE Base: The base layer contains up to 900 pocketed springs engineered to offer 5 zones of targeted support for areas such as hips and shoulders.
  6. Breathable 3D mesh: Made from a combination of recycled and new fibres. This layer gives maximum airflow through the mattress layers and aids in shape retention, contributing to the overall comfort and sustainability of the mattress.

Why are there “up to” 2,000 springs and not a fixed number?

All Simba GO Organic mattresses include a different amount of Aerocoil springs than traditional mattresses of the same size. Due to differences in body size and weight distribution, the number of Aerocoil springs in a double size mattress will obviously be lower than that of a king size.

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  • And in most cases, we've bought the mattress ourselves and haven't been given a free one.

What’s this about GOTS and GOLS?

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) seal of approval guarantees that the cotton used in a product is of organic origin and was manufactured in an environmentally (and socially) responsible way. Safer for the environment, the farmers who cultivate it, and the customers who use it, GOTS-certified cotton is chemical- and pesticide-free. And also the GOTS stamp of approval guarantees ethical treatment of workers at every stage of manufacturing.

The Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) is a certification that verifies the ethical production practises of the latex used in a product. Safer for both the environment and the people who use it, latex certified to the GOLS standard contains no toxic chemicals or additives. GOLS approval also guarantees that no unethical treatment of workers has occurred during the manufacture of the mattress, too.

Check out my review of the top latex mattresses in the UK right now.

So in short, the Simba GO Organic mattress is guaranteed to use only organic, ethically sourced cotton thanks to its GOTS-certified organic cotton cover. Also, the GOLS-certified organic latex comfort layer guarantees that the latex used in the mattress is of organic origin and responsibly manufactured, making it a safer and more environmentally responsible option for customers.

If you’re the kinda person who value ethics and the environmental impact of what you buy, then rest easy knowing that these certificates guarantee the use of fair labour practises throughout the manufacturing process.

The cover has a grey/green hue, and the label is forest green – a change from the usual cyan blue.

Is latex any better?

Generally yes; latex mattresses are great. But they can be pricey, though arguably worth the premium.

As above, the Simba GO Organic’s comfort layer is made from latex, a natural and time-tested substance. Latex, extracted from the rubber tree, is highly elastic and provides great pressure distribution and body support and don’t forget that, being naturally anti-microbial, it is also a renewable, abundant, biodegradable material.

Plus, the Simba mattress uses perforated latex to promote airflow and graphite to absorb excess heat, bringing it up to the company’s standard for temperature regulation and sleeping comfort. The only other hybrid mattress I’ve seen that uses graphite like this, is the OTTY Pure.

Note that there’s also a strong anti-allergenic barrier layer between the latex and the cover for further defence, and just FYI: new latex mattresses don’t tend to smell.

Moisture & Heat retention

The way that the Simba GO has been built, is a major reason why it’s good at maintaining a constant temperature. Unlike some mattress which “cool” you, I didn’t find this to be the case, but at the same time it didn’t heat me up either.

Simba’s unique Aerocoil springs, included in the mattress’s top-most layer, are intended to promote greater air circulation and temperature management than more conventional mattress materials like memory foam or pure latex. This prevents excess heat from building up and improves airflow, both of which can help you kip at a comfortable temperature all night long.

The Simba GO’s cover also helps keep things cool and comfortable in my opinion: thanks to the mattress’s cotton cover, which is both breathable and moisture-wicking, and way better than polyester. To be honest, at this price point and with these eco credentials, it would have been hard for Simba to make the cover out of polyester so I’m glad they didn’t!

The Simba GO Hybrid mattress does a good job of keeping you at a comfortable temperature. Those who value a cool and comfortable night’s sleep (like me!) will appreciate its combination of breathable fabrics and cutting-edge design elements.

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About the Free Trial

If you’re interested in the GO Hybrid mattress at this point, you’ll be pleased to know you can try it out here for yourself with a 200-night risk-free trial, during which time you can return the mattress for a full refund if you decide it’s not the correct fit for you.

Like most bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Simba GO Hybrid can only be slept on one side, so no flipping here.

The important thing is, a lot of people overlook that even if it’s “no flip”, a new mattress still needs to be rotated. As the saying goes, it’s important to switch things up every so often, so by rotating the mattress every month for the first three months, and then every three to six months after that, you’ll meet Simba’s requirements – make sure you do it!

Simba suggests using a slatted or divan base with the GO Hybrid, although it is compatible with any bed frame frankly (they are probably trying to just sell you their own bed range). Literally the only thing tro be aware of here is that slats can be either spring or solid slats, but the distance between them shouldn’t exceed 75 millimetres.

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Simba GO Pricing

The Simba GO Hybrid Mattress will no doubt prove to be a popular mattress for those of us who value sustainability and, maybe, don’t mind paying a premium for such things. I expect the price to fall further as times goes on:

SizeSimba GO ?Simba Hybrid Luxe ?
Small DoubleN/A£1,379.40
Super King£2,749.00£1,649.40

Note that Simba has partnered with not one but two financing companies, to help with the high price: these are DivideBuy and SplitIt. They both offer a 12-month payment plan with no interest if paid in full within that time frame. The cost is higher if you opt to spread out your payments over a longer period of time (e.g. up to 48 months). You should do your own research on the Simba website to learn about their many payment methods here, as some, like PayPal Credit, may not be available to everyone.

Due to its high price and novel structure, the 200-night trial period is longer than that of some of the mattress’s competitors and gives you plenty of time to decide if the Simba GO mattress is right for you.

Keep an eye out for Simba’s deals and promotions to save money on a new mattress, you can see all Simba discount codes that are active right now, here.

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Comparison: Simba GO Hybrid mattress vs. Simba Hybrid Luxe

The nearest comparison I can make is with the Hybrid Luxe. In fact, several people have asked me to clarify the differences (as Simba don’t make it easy). Here’s the rundown:

  1. Layers: The Simba Hybrid Luxe has more layers than the Simba GO, the Luxe has 7 layers compared to the GO’s 6 layers. The additional layer in the Hybrid Luxe provide more targeted support and pressure relief.
  2. Materials: The Simba Hybrid Luxe uses higher quality materials such as Alpaca wool and cashmere, which offer superior comfort and breathability. The Simba GO, on the other hand, uses more sustainable materials such as recycled yarns in its Simba Renew layer, and it’s 100% organic.
  3. Cooling features: The Simba Hybrid Luxe has additional cooling features such as the open-cell foam layer, which help regulate temperature and prevent overheating during the night. The Simba GO does not have these specific cooling features and maintains a constant temperature, so may not be as ideal for those who ‘sleep hot’.
  4. Firmness options: The Simba Hybrid Luxe is available in two firmness options, medium and firm, while the Simba GO only comes in a medium-firm option.
  5. Price: The Simba Hybrid Luxe is significantly cheaper than the Simba GO, currently. It’s possible that this may change and the GO could be discounted, so let me know in the comments if this is no longer accurate please!

All in all, I’d personally suggest going for the Simba Hybrid Luxe, unless of course you’re dead set against buying non-vegan materials. The GO Hybrid isn’t certified vegan, as it contains wool in its comfort layer. The “Renew” layer is made from recycled yarns, so cannot be called competely vegan – but regardless, it certainly is free from animal-based materials such as leather, fur, and down. The Luxe contains both Alpaca wool and cashmere so that one certainly isn’t vegan!


Frankly, I found that the Simba GO Hybrid Mattress requires little effort to unpack and inflate upon arrival – if (IF!) you rely on their delivery men. Lifting it yourself is impossible unless you’re a burly muscly man, even if it’s still in the box.

A hybrid mattress is always going to be heavy, therefore it’s best to use the delivery service like this to its fullest extent: have it brought where you want it and placed into that specific room – this is all part of the price and you don’t need to pay extra for it.

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The Simba GO Hybrid’s height (or thickness) sites at 30cm, making it feel quite elevated at first. The GO Hybrid is substantially taller than the industry standard 25cm mattress, giving it a more sumptuous feel – if you’re used to regular mattress thickness you’ll definitely notice it.

While most bed-in-a-box mattresses have a soft, marshmallow-like texture, the GO Hybrid’s combination of micro- and full-sized pocket springs gives it a more traditional feel. This gives the mattress genuine bounce, which is different from the typical sinking feeling associated wit both memory foam and hybrid beds.

Subjective factors like one’s weight and the type of bed frame can definitely affect how firm you prefer your mattress to be. Here at WhatMattress we rank the Simba GO Hybrid at about 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale when used with a spring slatted foundation.

Note that, when placed on a stable surface, it does become somewhat firmer, although this does not fundamentally alter its nature.

Edge Support

Despite what many think, springs don’t provide much edge support. It’s the boring and often overlooked foam layers that provide this.

And thankfullly, despite not being that “foam heavy”, the Simba GO also features a layer of high-density foam that reinforces the edges of the mattress. This foam helps to provide additional support and stability to the edges, which can be particularly helpful for those who tend to sit or sleep near the edge of the mattress.

Isn’t all this just ‘greenwashing’?

I really don’t think so.

The Simba GO mattress and the Simba Renew material are two examples of Simba Sleep’s efforts to create more environmentally friendly mattresses – in a world where the majority of mattresses are thrown away and not recycled, this is really a welcome change.

Simba has shown that they care about minimising their product’s negative effects on the environment by doing things like switching to organic dyes and using up to 75% recycled yarns. Even the glue used is environmentally-friendly.

Simba’s efforts to increase the sustainability of their products are really encouraging: this is a step in the right direction towards becoming a more environmentally responsible firm in my opinion. Simba, as a UK company, are thankfully leading the way here towards a more sustainable future by taking measures to reduce waste and while it’s not perfect, I certainly welcome it.

It’s just a shame that it’s so damned expensive to do the right thing for the environment.

Why are mattresses so bad for the environment?

Mattress recycling is a real problem. Mainly due to the complexity involved in taking apart and processing them; remember that they contain Foam, metal, cloth, sometimes even wood.  Because of the common practise of glueing or stitching these materials together, recycling them presents a significant challenge and its long been a thorn in the industry’s side.

Mattress recycling has traditionally been difficult and expensive since separating all these materials can take time and require specifialist machinery.

The low value of the recovered materials is another problem with recycling mattresses, too:  even if it is effective, the materials recovered may have only limited uses. Mattress foam, for instance, might not be fit for use in premium bedding or furniture. This could lead to “downcycling” i.e. landfill disposal, neither of which are good from a sustainability standpoint.

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Verdict: Yay or nay?

So in conclusion, for those looking for a medium-firm eco friendly mattress (I suspect there are many of you!) that offers both pressure relief and breathability, the Simba GO Hybrid is a decent choice.

Simba Renew’s recycled yarns and other eco-friendly components make it a great choice for anyone who cares about the environment. Those in need of a long-lasting mattress can rest easy with the company’s 200-day money-back guarantee and 10-year warranty.

A mattress protector no doubt will be required, as the cover isn’t removable – thankfully, Simba do provide you with a free protector.

Though it’s eco credentials are sound, the mattress’s springier texture and rather poor motion isolation make it an unsuitable option for light sleepers. If you’re a light sleeper then consider a regular hybrid or even a decent memory foam.

And as I’ve mentioned, it’s also very expensive, making it quite a niche product. Despite these limitations, the Simba GO Hybrid mattress provides a pleasant and supportive night’s sleep for people of all sizes and shapes. If you value comfort and quality in your sleep, this long-lasting and eco-friendly mattress is worth the money, and you’ll be able to sleep better knowing that your mattress is safe for both you and the environment.

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Is the Simba GO Hybrid mattress eco-friendly?

Yes. The Simba GO Hybrid bed does clearly take environmental concerns into account during production. It is made from eco-friendly components such as recycled fibres and can be recycled wholly, unlike most mattresses.

How firm is the Simba Hybrid GO?

The Simba GO Hybrid mattress has a medium-firm feel, making it a good option for a wide range of sleep preferences.

What is the thickness of the Simba GO Hybrid mattress?

The Simba GO Hybrid mattress is approximately 28 - 30cm thick, making it a substantial and supportive option for sleepers of all sizes. You might need deeper sheets!

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