Here’s why Casper UK stopped taking orders

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A few people have asked me why Casper are no longer trading in the UK. I’ve checked them out to see what’s going on.

Casper, which is a mattress company similar to Simba, Nectar and Otty, are no longer available in the UK. It’s surprising to hear, as all three Casper mattresses rate really well in online mattress reviews, but it seems they’re focusing their attention on their US business.

A Casper spokesperson has said that the company won’t operate in Europe anymore, will not be re-stocking its products. They went on to say ‘the continued impact of COVID-19 forced us to make some difficult decisions to balance the needs of our company, our customers, and our community.

What alternative mattress can I get?

There are a few really good quality mattresses available, such as Simba, Emma or Brooke + Wilde. If you’re looking for a mattress similar to Casper, you can check out some of my reviews here.

What if you’ve got an existing order?

Although the company sold out existing stock, a ‘glitch’ means some customers were able to order a mattress even though they had no stock. Casper are sending emails out to customers affected and you *should* receive a refund within 1-3 business days.

If you’ve placed an order recently and haven’t heard from them, it might be worth contacting Casper to confirm.

Is your trial period still valid?

The Casper returns service is still available. According to their website, the 100 day returns service is only valid up to the 13th May 2020, when the offer was updated to only 30 days. Customer support by phone isn’t available anymore so it’s best to contact Casper by email:

Will Casper ever trade again in the UK?

At this point, it’s hard to tell. Likewise Leesa have also stopped trading in the UK as the mattress-in-a-box industry shrinks. It was becoming very crowded anyway, with more and more retailers with the same offering it was bound to happen.

This does leave manufacturers like Nectar, Simba, Emma and Eve left though – still plenty of choice for the consumer!

What about the warranty on your Casper mattress?

Their website shows the warranty offer has changed like the returns service. New customers in the UK as of May 13, 2020 are protected under UK law against faulty goods. For customers that purchased a Casper product before May 13, the previous warranty still applies. Again, contact Casper at for advice. This may also apply to the Casper dog bed.

So can you still get support for your Casper mattress?

It turns out that customer support by phone is also no longer available. If you need support with your mattress, you can still contact Casper at For more information you can check out their FAQ.

So in summary, what you should do if your Casper mattress is in need of some TLC, in the UK:

  1. Contact Casper customer support (they are US based)
  2. Wait for them to get back to you
  3. They will still honour the returns and refund policy.

For further information on Casper mattresses in the UK, read my review. Unfortunately, Casper are not currently accepting new orders in the UK.



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