Best Dog Beds (in the UK, 2024)

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I know that this website is known mainly for my reviews of the very best mattresses for humans, but I also review dog beds and dog mattresses.

And why not? It has become increasingly acceptable to spend several hundred pounds on a mattress for yourself and your partner, but what about your pet pooch. With the range of luxury dog beds on the market ever increasing by the week, it seems like the best time to consider an upgrade.

And these dog beds aren’t as expensive as you might think — the cheapest dog bed we review at the time of printing costs only £18 (in “Small” size). So these dog mattresses and dog crates won’t break the bank.

Orthopedic dog beds

Best dog beds for chewers

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One comment on “Best Dog Beds (in the UK, 2024)

  1. My little doggie has bad legs from an accident, I bought the Petfusion but it didn’t help at all, what else should I try to stop the pain.

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