Best Pocket Spring Mattress UK

Whenever people ask me for a spring mattress recommendation I tell them to buy the DreamCloud. Even if they argue they don’t want any memory foam I tell them to give it a shot, you get free returns if you don’t like it and trust me, it’s one of if not the most comfortable mattress you can buy right now.

Inside you’ve got all the highest quality materials starting with a luxury quilted top that regulates body temperature and keeps you cool while offering the uber-soft feel that gives you the big sigh of relief when you climb into bed.

Under that, you’ve got the first layer of memory foam, but not just any memory foam specially designed breathable memory foam that stops you overheating. Follow that up with the support foam that gives the mattress it’s medium-firm feel and then you’re on to the all-important pocket springs.

The pocket springs allow your partner to move without waking you up and keep the whole bed supported right up to the edge for a full sleep experience. Then you’ve got the foam base that provides a little extra support to keep your back happy.

The only downside this is one of the more expensive bed-in-a-box mattresses, but for now, they have £250 off! So click through the above link and order yours and get ready to have your sleep transformed.

2. Silentnight

Silentnight have been in the mattress industry for a long time, serving the UK for more than 70 years in fact. And in that time they’ve definitely learned a thing or two.

The 1200 pocket springs are more than enough to give you a comfortable night’s sleep while still keeping the price down.

It comes with a soft knit cover that is designed to be breathable helping to keep you cool at night and to keep the inside of the mattress fresh. The inside has also been treated with Purotex which helps keep the inside free from dust mites and germs and makes the whole thing hypoallergenic.


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